Thursday, April 21, 2011

Packing For Touch-Ups

It's quite impractical for me to bring out my entire makeup kit come touch-up time during weddings, since the makeup kit is very heavy and I really don't like splaying out my entire case for the whole world to see. Sure it would look nice during the hotel preps and all but say on location, I opt for more portable and convenient packaging, since I need very few items anyway for touch-ups.

Prior to leaving the hotel and going to the church, I already take note of what to bring with me to pre-ceremony pictorials before the bride starts to walk down the aisle. A bride's moment is her bridal march when she walks down the aisle, so she has to look strikingly good, and even though makeup is made sure to last humidity, sweat, and tears, I still need to be OC.

So anyhow, here's what I bring for touch-ups:

I love, love, love this cosmetic pouch from The Body Shop. It's not a regular item in store though. You get this as a GWP when you buy Php3,500 worth of The Body Shop products, and that should include an item from their spring collection Brush With Fashion.

My only qualm is that it's white so a little makeup smudgie would show, so it means I have to wash it really, really well after so it looks spic and span for my next gig. It looks like a tiny laptop bag actually, except it houses my makeup essentials:

Tissue is needed to catch tears before they run down the face, blot out oil and sweat that have beaded in, and cleaning up smears and smudges. For the groom, it's to wipe off the lipstick mark that has travelled during the part of "You May Now Kiss The Bride". Anyway, handy packs are needed, so keep them in handy.

Lipstick of course, since that's the thing that gets worn out a lot, even with sealer. Should blush fade off, keep a natural-looking one with you so the bride doesn't look pale.

Powder, powder, powder. Powder to mattify any oiliness and keep makeup looking true. For travel and touch-ups, the pressed version is preferred because it's less messy. I swear by MAC Studio Fix Powder, but I could also alternate it with MAC Blot powder or any pressed powder the couple prefers. Most of the time, I have two powders in handy, one for the bride's color, and one for the groom.

For times that tears are shed: Lash glue, mascara, and cotton buds. Cotton buds clear out messies and are used to spot-apply lash glue should too much tears cause the falsies to be dislodged at the sides. Mascara darkens lashes for an extra coat needed.

I only use three brushes for touch-ups: A powder/blush brush, a lip brush, and a smaller fluffy brush to apply powder on hard-to-reach areas like undereyes, sides of the nose, and corners of the mouth. I choose a brush that functions both for powder and blush, so I don't have to bring an extra brush. I wrap them in tissue so the makeup residue on the brush doesn't travel inside the case.

My be-all-end all makeup fix for makeup to look fresh and natural: MAC Fix+. I love it because it refreshes and moisturizes skin and it smells really good. It also helps makeup last longer. I need to purchase another bottle really soon because this one's about to run out. I'm totally lost without it.

Another very portable touch-up bag I have is a brush case from Suesh, which I bought last year. It looks like a small thermos bottle, when you look at it, and the strap slings over the shoulder so it's pretty convenient.

It's quite compact and convenient, not to mention very discreet. It does however, conveniently open up and converts any table into a tiny makeup station:

Since this slim container can't fit some pans of blush and lipstick, I use this to carry my Fix+, brushes, mascara, lash glue, and lipstick, and have a separate cosmetic case, which I keep in my bag for the rest. I like especially how the top cover could convert into a brush and everything holder. Now my lipstick doesn't roll off to a loss.

For touch-ups, it's important to pack light so there's less frantic scrambles and you have what you need. Also, makeup artists are given only 10-15 minutes to retouch before the reception so we have to work fast with little equipment as possible to save time.

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