Friday, April 29, 2011

Pole Withdrawals Equals 2-hour classes, 2 days straight.

After Holy Week, the first thing I wanted was to get back to class so when Wednesday came, I ran to Gen studios and looked for my favorite dance partner Rain. But before Rain, here's a recap on what we did pre-Holy Week.

Split grips. I tried them once in a mix level class, it's kinda tricky and hard since your weight should be on the top (strong) hand and the bottom hand is only for support. And straighter legs of course if my knees don't give out.

I grip and hold with all the strength in me after 2 hours of dancing and spinning.

Kayleen captured me doing a seat during last Wednesday's class.
The seat is actually painful but it looks so pretty. Since it's pretty humid, the pole tends to be slippery (condensed water vapor from air on pole + sweat = periodic wiping). Hopefully it'll be nice on the cold recital area.

We're currently practicing and polishing our tricks that we would be doing in our recital which would be in a month's time. EEEEKKK!!!! I compiled the tricks we did in one video, to note as well my progress. Yes my dears, the poses are real and I didn't use a chair to hoist myself up. My challenge now is maintaining a good grip despite the humidity.

I did the first two tricks on Rain and the last one, the one with the thigh hold and plank was on another pole in front. Hopefully I get to post another one this time with the skater.

By the way mini-teaser, I sorta learned a new trick and I'll post a video of it as soon as I really polished it down to pat. Wiiii!!!!!!!!!!!It's a scary, scary trick but so exciting.

I'll be doing a bit of shopping for my recital outfit as we'll be having our photoshoot on Saturday. Omigod! excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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