Monday, April 11, 2011

Can't Get Enough Of Pink

Isn't pink such a happy color? It's pick-me-up ever-so-happy color that I always associate it with positivity and all things pretty. So what happens when pink and makeup combine in a gift set, just like the Tainted Love Lip, Cheek, and Nail set from NARS? This lovely box is from Avy's makeup collection, one of her favorites and since it's too cute, I took pix of it.

(Retail price Php 3,350 at Rustan's)

This is part of Avy's makeup collection, something too cute to not be featured. Whenever I hear of "Tainted Love" I always think of the Soft Cell song that's so upbeat and now became sexeeeh when the Pussycat Dolls did a revival. Could it be an inspiration to the all-pink set, the song? Anyway, going back to the Tainted Love set, it's practically enough to do a complete look in a jiffy when all you have is just a mani-pedi and a teensy bag.
(From T-B: Angelika Multiple [LE], Schiap Nail Lacquer, and Angelika Gloss)

When this set says pink, it really means happy cotton candy sweet pink thrown in with silver and gold flecks so it's not all flat and blah. Here's a swatch, too, of the Multiple to see how it looks on our skin.

The famous pink NARS Schiap lippie has one for nails and if you already have the lippie, put the Angelika gloss on top for more pink power. The Multiple actually on its own is enough for creamy pretty color for lips, cheeks, and eyes. It functions like a slight lip color, a cream eyeshadow, and cream blush. For our humidity though, I'd still recommend using the Multiple only on the lips and cheeks as the creamy formula could be prone to creasing. The Angelika Multiple is a really gentle but sweet pink on the skin. Since it's summer, you could hammer the color in place with a quick dusting of loose powder to set.

Summer's a great way to experiment with fun and fruity colors, so a popping sweet candy pink scheme could be one way of getting the summer vibe on. Wear it with a fresh lime green swimwear or tank top for a very fresh summer look!

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Bec said...

I'm still thinking of getting this set. Hay, decisions..decisions.. :)