Friday, April 1, 2011

Bonding With Avy and Her Makeup Collection

After pole class last Wednesday, I headed off to Salcedo Village to visit Avy. Avy and I share our love for makeup and as she posts her eye-popping hauls in Facebook that are too good to be true (remember my post on her brushes?), they were toooo YOWZA! that I got to see them in the flesh.

I got to Avy's condo and she answered the door as she cooked a pot of yummy sinigang na baboy, which I have been craving since forever. As she let the yummy food boil, she gamely showed me her makeup collection, which were organized according to type and shade.

Her MAC brush belt holding MAC brushes.

Bobbi Brown brushes that she completed.

An ecobag full of brushes housed all of them, these are just a refresher course on the brushes she has.

Avy unearthed a humongous overnight bag full of makeup.

Each tool type is organized into separate ziploc bags, Avy's got one bag for blush, one bag for foundation, one bag for shadows, etc. Some bags are separated according to color or shade family as well, like the bag of bestselling pink lipsticks that she showed me.

MAC's Something New swatch on the left and NARS Schiap on the right. Both are similar shades except Schiap is more matte. See? there is a difference.

Avy's tub of bestselling MAC lipsticks for gigs. These are the ones clients usually like and are perfect for natural and pretty looks. She's got Hug Me, Brave, Russian Red, Cosmo, Satiate, name it with matching backups of some.

I finally see the much-talked about Urban Decay Naked Palette and took swatches of it.

I never thought how pigmented Urban Decay shadows are. Speaking of shadows, here's her MAC mineralize eyeshadow collection

Blush for pretty cheeks.

Remember Wonder Woman? Check out the Wonder Woman haul.

She's got 4 pans of Amazon Princess beauty powder blush. Amazon Princess is on the candy pink side, a really pretty pink blush color that goes with sweet shades of Pink Nouveau or the cool magenta-ish Spitfire.

The darker color on the bottom could be used sparingly on the hollows of the cheeks for a bit of subtle contour. Just keep it subtle as it's still on the blush-y side and not a true matte brown color.

At the bottom you see little organized containers. Spot the plastic bin containing her lash collection! As the sight of pretty makeup got my heart pumping, it was time for us to eat. Avy fed me well with her recipe of pork sinigang that she cooked from scratch. As we were eating, our topic on makeup switched to food and our food choices, which I discovered we had a lot in common. We both shared our favorite recipes, favorite food channels (we both love AFC and adore Laura Calder and License to Grill and we both get upset on the fact that we don't have an oven to bake food and pastries), and food finds. After being served smoked cheese, I wanted to draft out a smoked cheese sandwich or pasta recipe. Anyway, more on the food stuff later.
As a wrapup, Avy made fruit salad, not using fruit from the can but fresh fruit she sliced and peeled herself - kiwi, peaches, nectarines, and strawberries with yogurt and honey. yummm!!!!!
With all the talk on food, makeup, TV, and cats (she's a cat lover too), we didn't realize that it was evening already and it was time for me to go since I had to pack for my shoot and work the following day. Rest assured this won't be the last of our bondings, this time hopefully in my house. :)

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