Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting Stronger This Summer

Wheee!!!!!!!!!! The first week of April was happy happy for me because that means more pole class schedules so there's no excuse for me to miss my quota. I try to really make time and do 2-3 times a week so I get to really practice and refine my skills. Of course, I need to give my muscles some rest so they get to recover from all the practices that we do.

The Stellar Summer Program would be from April to May of this year. You could check the schedules and rates here if you want to join. More pole classes to accommodate more students and at the end of summer, there would be a recital so students could show off what they've learned during the summer. Isn't it fun? Plus, if you can't get enough of your pole sessions, there are also UNLI cards, which means unlimited pole classes.

And speaking of Unlimited pole, a few of my friends did a challenge to do back-to-back pole challenge. :) Class started at 5 pm then we moved to 6-7 class. It was two hours of spins, climbs, and tricks but it was really fun!

A while ago, Amaya taught us a new and pretty pose called Dreamgirl, which makes use of a thigh hold and it's all pretty when you arch your back or if you're confident, try letting go of one hand. The pose I had with the super mega arch with the head back looked like I was beheaded from that angle so here's a little modification for picture purposes.
This is Pam, my classmate practicing the Dreamgirl. Pam did three-hour pole last Tuesday! Yay for her!
Amaya gives a one-on-one on how to do inverts properly without injuring yourself. Excited to do inverts soon! CD says in a month I could do them as well. Now I'm so inspired to work hard.

Speaking of inverts, we need to perfect our planks first. Soon, we'll be letting go of the pole. Here's Kayleen teaching the right way to move from plank to another pose. This is what we mean by spotting. Each instructor makes sure that the student does the pose right. A little wrong twist or weightbearing could result in sprains, unwanted bruise, or injury. They teach you techniques on how to hold the pole right and how to conquer our fear of letting go of the pole.

Speaking of letting go, I tried my hand on a one-handed spin last Tuesday.

It's been a good one month for me taking pole dance classes and I'm really happy I got in the groove. I do have bruises again, and they're bound to add up but it's okay, I know that these are bruises worked hard for.

Till more updates and all!!!!!!

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