Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ethel and Bryan Postnup shoot


That would have to be Christine when I answered her call on a Sunday night as I was trying to digest the orange chicken lauriat from Chowking walking from Chowking Fort to Burgos Circle.

"Yes Christine?" I asked her in between sips of hot tea to un-distend my full-to-the-brim stomach.

She reminded me that our scheduled post-nup shoot would be the following day and hopefully it hasn't gotten out of my system that we had a shoot scheduled that day. "I'm all yours that morning!" I told her. "I just have pole class at 5 pm after." She said we would be done by that time, with the number of layouts already planned and how fast she shoots.

We met at our usual place to meet (Shell McKinley). The location would be at the couple's house in QC, and it would be near the epic Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon Ave. We had a map already with us just to be sure, but since maps do not tell one-ways and all, I whipped out the directions to Quezon Ave from my phone. Beyond going to Quezon Ave, I'm lost.

Sto. Domingo Church was on the other side of Quezon Ave, the one going to Manila, and how to get there I didn't know, since I'm more familiar with the one going to UP Diliman. Thankfully, Christine spotted a U-turn to that side to Quezon Ave, and sure from that point, the map was our guide.

When we got to the place, Christine fell in love with the location as it was a quaint old-school compound with lots of areas that she sure could play around with. We didn't even have to go out and guerilla-shoot on the street.

We met the couple, Ethel and Bryan who shared us their story in between makeup, hair, and yummy trail mix. Ethel and Bryan have been married already for one year (hence this is why it's called a post-nup shoot). Bryan is based abroad working in the US and Ethel is currently teaching at a university. They only get to see each other once a year, but as Ethel says, it's love and commitment and they already had in their minds that the long distance is only temporary and they'll be together soon. I'm glad Bryan was game for a post-nup pictorial.

Ethel was absolutely cute and Tin, Aisa, and I felt like we were playing dress-up with a life-size Barbie doll. She really looks like a doll and I was all giggly with this set-up.

This set-up was inspired by our Tinsel Rose photoshoot last December with our dual-role model Kate. Need a refresher? Click here and here. The theme was a special request by Ethel.
Looks like Bryan's searching for something here.

I found a pretty fairy!

When Ethel smiles, it's not just her face that lights up. EVERYTHING lights up. Aisa is such an amazing stylist, with how she plays up color and texture into something playful, pretty, and wearable. She and Tin complement each other with their own tastes as well.

By this time, Ethel's curls have flattened out from humidity and external elements so I just brushed it out to this cute flipout. I love pastel pink lips since they pop out really well on cam.

Just a little tidbit, I did see Ethel and Bryan before, but not in person. Their wedding photo was in the front page of the We Heart Weddings site a year ago. You could click on my entry on it here. It was a fun, fun, fun shoot with these guys and I hope to see them again in the near future.

Couple: Ethel and Bryan
Stylist: Aisa Ipac
Makeup: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry using traditional method.

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