Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plueys Makes Us Ready For The Rain This 2010

Crazy as it may seem, the things that make me look forward to the pitter-patter of rain on the pavement is the fact that I can be fasyon and not worry about heat and it would be the time for me to bring out the rain boots. Okay, before you go crazy on me I just want happy drizzles and showers, not mad downpours with howling winds.

Ever since Plueys came here in the Philippines, I was thrilled at the thought that we no longer have to look like Loch Ness Monsters during the rainy season. Although I'd be wearing jeans, the capiliary action of the water soaks me thigh-down and it can get pretty annoying. Plueys are rain boots so cute that we could take them anywhere. When I received my Plueys and Rainskimmers last year, I kept raving about how they've saved me from being soaking wet and getting puddle accidents. My usual uniform would be shorts and Plueys most of the time.

This year, Plueys gets a new oomph to the family with two new additions. First up is the new design... Sew Cute. (and really, if you take a good look at it, it is indeed, so cute!)
Sew Cute is a collaboration wth Marceline Smith, a designer and illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland. Check out the vintage buttons pattern these boots have. Unlike the previous years' Plueys, the Sew Cute version is in a matte finish. You could check out Smith's website on the link and you could see how her designs give a happy vibe. This design is no exception. The neutral palette makes this boot easy to match with a wide variety of outfits, even a wedding gown, like the one shown below.
When it does rain on your parade (i.e. your wedding day)... don't fret. Bring in the Plueys and walk (er... stomp?) down the aisle in style, yes? Oh and aside from the chic design... check out the liningExclusive Marceline Smith cotton lining.

For those who are on the more conservative side... Plueys brings on plain wellies. These wellies however, are very fasyon and are unlike those being sold in hardware stores. Melikes the black boots... They look like equestrienne boots, don't you think?

Depending on anyone's preference... you could choose whatever color fits your fancy or what the hell... collect them all! :)

For those who are having a hard time mixing-and-matching these uber cute rain boots, you could check the lookbooks here. Look closely though and you'd see at the credits that I had the pleasure too of doing the makeup for this year's lookbook. The shoot was a whole lot of fun, and fast, considering the number of layouts. Photographer was none other than Mike, who did a totally good job directing the models.

I just am amused on how these Plueys could fit any mood. They really are quite wearable and they make such a statement. It's so funny that whenever I walk on the mall people gaze at the level of my boots. Hahaha. During the shoot, I was wide-eyed at the sight of so many Plueys. So imagine my delight when I got home to not one but two boxes!!!!

When I got to the door, I saw two boxes stacked one on top of the other. I recognized that those were the Plueys boxes and started jumping up and down holding the two boxes together

I love shoesies I love boot-boots. Coincidentally, I also wore my rainskimmers that day, which I have been constantly wearing during work with uber narrow staircases.

Omigod omigod omigod! It's the Marceline Smith ones! Just like Cinderella and the glass slipper, I was happy that they fit. I'm a size 40 with them, since I wear them with socks.

Supergirl much? Remember how fabulous these babies looked with the wedding gown in the picture above? They also look fab with a leopard cropped top (love from Carlotta Manila) and black short shorts. Mickey Mouse jumbo watch optional.

I was contemplating whether to get the black or red plain wellies. Esel was suggesting to me to get the red for a statement color but I need black boots for work as well. I opted for black para naman I have a conservative side (sort of. :P)(Esel and Em, I promise to give you better pictures for your posting. :) I have a few shoots with these boots already in the works. I'm too crazy here. But you girls all know that when I'm happy, I'm crazy.)

Oh no... Black wellies or Sew Cute? Can't decide! (lips: MAC Russian Red). I told ya those black wellies were wearable. I wanna try them with dresses too.

As of the moment I have three pairs and counting. On the leftmost side are my Catstooth Plueys from last year, which I so totally love. You could tell that I've used them quite a lot.

Catstooth has been through many rains, storms(I wore them during Santi last year), photoshoots, lunches out, days out, nights out, and all. My Plueys are pretty comfy. I prefer them over heels any day, if dress codes only weren't an issue. With these hunnies, I can say that I'm happy whenever it rains.

Therefore, I declare a rainy day a happy Pluey day.


dementia said...

Panalo ang Plueys mo! Mas panalo kasi libre!

marceline said...

Thanks so much for this review - I'm glad you like my Sew Cute rainboots! I can't wait to wear them myself.

Bambi said...

@dementia: Panalo nga eh! I super duper love 'em

@marceline: Hi there! I love the Sew Cute indeed. I'll be wearing them tomorrow. I can't believe I sometimes look forward to the rain so I could bring them out. Thanks for visiting my blog Marceline!

Rains said...

Hello! I've been saving up for a pair of wellies for a while now, then I saw your blog. The boots look great! How much is the plain black pair?