Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Candy and I Pose for PAWS

Animal welfare is a cause I truly believe in. It's what inspired me to go vegetarian in the first place. I've also been more aware of it after rescuing Candy, my fat tabby cat and meeting all the wonderful people of CARA who helped us in their rescue. Each time I look at how Candy was then, and how he turned out now, it still makes me cry, that amidst the cruelty the world has, there is still hope and love, even for innocent animals.

So imagine my joy when Candy was selected as one of the winners in the recently concluded Bow & Wow Next Pet Model contest. I didn't actually expect him to win, but I was so happy that the cat that almost got broken in half ends up modelling with 11 other beautiful pets in a calendar shot by a very talented photographer. I was also excited that he would be posing for February, which coincidentally is his birthday month, since that was the month of his rescue. As a generous donation for a cause dear to my heart, I volunteered my services to be the makeup artist of the pet parents who would be posing alongside their furbabies. (I love how they coined the term furbabies to the pets, it's like they're part of the family). The photographer of this shoot happened to be Daemon Becker, who I worked with previously at two photoshoots with the Polecats. His wife, Tanya, helped us so much with Candy too, during his rescue.

The shoot took two days and imagine my joy meeting the other pet parents, their furbabies, and the rescue doggies and kitties  of PAWS and talking with their volunteers. Candy did well too in his first-ever photoshoot and being the stage mom that I am, I couldn't be prouder.

I got giddy when I got our calendar a while ago at Bow & Wow Greenbelt.

Look who's in February!

I just love the slogan that said "Love knows no breed". It really touches the heart. Candy, as we all know is a mixed breed cat. Pusakal, puspin, street cat, jologs cat, name it.. But it just gives everyone that spark to not give up in adopting and rescuing a stray. Even a stray deserves a happy and loving home, not just those bought from breeders.

September gives a strong message to say no to animal abuse. I am totally against animal abuse and I can't fathom people who throw cats in the garbage, torture animals, sell dogs for dog meat, or just randomly torture animals.  I'd be meowing with these dogs too against animal abuse.

The calendar is available at all Bow & Wow stores. The stocks arrived at the store today so they will be available already by tomorrow. It retails for only Php150 and it's the perfect giveaway to friends and family for Christmas. Also, it's for a good cause since 100% of the net proceeds from the purchase of each calendar will be donated to The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). This will help keep animals off the streets and make the world a better place for animals.

Yes, that's him alright, telling everyone to purchase a calendar.

Candy and I would be raffling off one calendar to a very lucky reader. all you have to do is to comment below to answer this question:

How can you make the world in your own little way a better place for animals?

It may not be big. It can be using cruelty- free products or volunteering for an animal welfare group. Whether it be slowing down your car whenever there's an animal crossing the street or having one meatless meal a week, it's up to you. The best answer will win a Bow & Wow Calendar. Good luck!


dementia said...

I'm going to buy that calendar! Candy, ang cute mo sa debut mo!!!!

nicoy guevarra said...

Ang cute cute nya! Looks like the furbaby my husband's family have in Manila.

I just would like to share how our story here. :) We got 2 adopted cats, one was from Bagyong Gener. She was named Baron. A family member found her in the laundry area and we decided to keep her. 2 months later, while jogging in a village, we found a stray cat. Despite her weakened condition you can see a very positive outlook as she keeps on playing with a white butterfly. We took her home and named her Arthur. We had problems at first kasi sobrang nagtampo si Baron with the new cat. We just let her be and one day, paggising namin bestfriends na sila. Until now hindi mo sila mapapaghiwalay.

Ever since the two cats came, our small compound that before hated cats started to like them. Before they would try to hurt them when they got annoyed but now, they're patient with the kitties and sometimes give them food. There are 3 stray cats outside which I don't think we should consider stray anymore as they usually visit the house during meal times. And an orange cat that our neighbor owns, encouraged to adopt since Baron came to us.

I do hope more people would see how life becomes much more wonderful with our furry families around. Once I get to drop by Bow and Wow, I'll get a copy of the calendar. Ang cu-cute talaga nila e. ^^