Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Security System for Baby Skin

With our shizophrenic weather, would you believe that the rainy season has pushed forward to the supposedly Christmas months already? Just yesterday, I unfortunately experienced a drizzle on my way from the office building of a project I'm doing to the mall. Anyway, we do know that there are hassles the rain bring about, like floods and puddles of stagnant water which bring about more hassles like traffic and the dreaded dengue (tadadadaaan).

With the dengue scare rising, precautionary measures have been taken. One time, my favorite organic store had their citronella-based bug sprays selling like hotcakes it was too late for me to grab a bottle. If you're a mom and have kids that go to school, you'd notice that schools have already taken precautionary measures and distributed memos to parents already.

Citronella and other organic-based insect repellents have been proven to repel bugs like mosquitoes. Personally, I like the citronella alternative because it's safer on the skin and just as effective. I'm not bothered by the scent and I'm actually fond of it. However, I do understand that there are some people who aren't exactly fond of the citronella scent but would want mosquito protection that's safe on skin.

Esel introduced me to Guard, an insect repellant that could widen our choices when it comes to shopping for insect repellent during our next grocery trip. I received a sample two weeks ago and of course, I did a road test first.

The bottle pictured is actually the smallest size, I think about 30 mL, so I could fit this in a teensy tiny pouch should I need to reapply. The bigger bottles cost around Php120, this you could take on your next backpacking trip or let this stay at home. It's quite ironic though, that when you hear the word "Guard", you immediately think that upon opening, an armed dude would just materialize by your side and defend you from bugs that come your way, The Human Fly included. Despite the tough-side name though, Guard has a baby powder scent, so it's not that offending to the nostrils. In fact, it does remind us of childhood memories when our mommies or yayas would dust our backs and necks generously with baby powder. That nicks out the complaint of having insect repellent lotions in the past that smell like kerosene. We do understand that insect repellents are supposed to be offending to insects so they won't be attracted to the skin, but that doesn't include humans, right?

Secondly, Guard's anti-bug ingredient is Picardin, instead of DEET (N, N-diethyl-metatoluamide). Although DEET is an effective solvent, it's actually a skin irritant that should not even used under clothing or on damaged skin. Of course we wouldn't want harm on our kiddies' skin right? Picardin in fact, is the one recommended by the World Health Organization as an ideal insect repellent. It's less likely to irritate the skin than DEET but it's effective in keeping the bugs at bay. You could use this on children too, so our kiddies stay protected and bug-free.

Thirdly, when I tested this, the other thing I noticed is that it didn't leave a grimy or sticky feeling like I'm wearing an invisible overcoat on a hot and humid day. When I sweat, I still smell baby powder and no irritating chemical-like scent. It's great to use this on summer outings on the beach where we're exposed to the elements or our next camping trip don't you think?

In case though you're taking and using this on your next pictorial, here's how skin treated with Guard looks with and without flash.

Basically, there's not much effects or white-casting and skin appears relatively more normal. I suggest if you're a makeup artist to pack one on your kit so the model (and even you) stay protected from possible health hazards.

As of now, Guard is available at Rustan's and Shopwise branches. I saw Guard already at Rustan's Makati while I was grocery shopping. With the baby powder scent and a formula totally safe and comfortable on the skin, I guess mommies, daddies, and kids could now breathe for a lotion that's great for the family. If you're a backpacker or the type who's always exposed to the great outdoors, I suggest packing a big bottle of this as well.

Although I spend most of my time in the concrete jungle that is the city, my uniform of shorts and skirts tells me to slather some of these. Mosquito bites of course are irritating and they leave itchy patches and raised areas that destroy the continuity of flawlessly long and smooth legs. As they say, prevention is still the best cure.

[disclaimer: Product provided for review]

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