Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 3 Stuff I Love From Artistry and More

I first heard of Artistry when they were the official makeup sponsor of Philippine Fashion Week some seasons ago, so it's a brand that I've heard as well. It's available via direct selling, and it's a brand carried by Amway, which is known for the organic and all-natural supplements as well as home and personal care. I admit being quite curious as well with the products. I always tell myself that although I have my personal favorites, doing makeup for a living and writing about it for my passion should allow me to keep an open mind about new products in the market. So when I got the invitation to visit the Artistry Experience Center, I gave a yes. I just needed to clear and double-check my schedule since the week before, I had a project beforehand.

I was first introduced to the skin care line, depending on skin type and consumer preference.

The whitening line just evens out the skin tone instead of making it pasty white. The fairest one could go is just the color on the inner arm. But not to fret my dears, trust me, it's better because it's more natural that way and I like it more, because the result isstill you with just even skin tone of course.

With all of us being conscious about anti-ageing, Artistry also has an anti-ageing line called Time Defiance, which takes things to the cellular level, enabling the cells to better communicate with each other. I like the cleanser though, it didn't feel tight and dry. It smelled really clean and fresh too, like springtime.

Anyhow, among the products I tried, I'll lay you in my favorites. These are the three that I love and would highly recommend to makeup artists looking for good eye makeup or for skin care addicts as well. If you have any Artistry product you love, feel free to share.

Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel

This was one of the bestsellers, and I was lucky enough to experience this via tester since they currently don't have a stock of this. Normally, when you think of peeling, you think of raw and red skin and staying away from the sun. Although by default you do really have to stay away from the sun, this one is quite a gentle peel, and the chemical make-up of this formula is suited so that it only acts upon the pH of the dead skin cells, lifting these uglies away. On skin cells that are still alive and kicking though, the formula deactivates so it only works when you needed. It's like a dermatologist in a bottle that mixes her solutions just right. Using this product also helps the skin absorb other products like moisturizer better.

It looks like a serum, really. You apply this to the face after cleansing. The directions call for four pumps but in my case, 1 pump was already okay. I'm supposed to leave it on for 8 minutes before washing it off. I didn't feel a sting though, but I felt my skin tightening up. Then, when I rinsed my skin and patted it dry, I felt like I placed a silicone-based primer or serum on my face that leaves a velvety and powdery finish on my skin. This costs around Php 4,000.00 and the bottle is good for approximately 6 uses. Use this product only twice a week. For men, it is recommended to use the product at nighttime as shaving during the morning serves already as exfoliation during the day. By the way, don't use this with other exfoliating products like scrubs or other peels.

Artistry Brow Definer

I think Meeko got me raving about this a handful of times. I'm always in the lookout for really good eyebrow makeup that doesn't give the que horror kontrabida or linta eyebrows. Artistry Brow Definer is like a cross between MAC Eye Brows and Shu Uemura hard 9. I get the best of both worlds - the ultra-fine tip and the hard formula that defines brows into a natural shape that doesn't tint the brows a horrid and off reddish hue. I like that it comes in ashy and natural colors.

I recommend Dark Brown for everyday. as Charcoal (a grey-black) could be harsh, save this for photoshoots or using this on the ends. The brow definers come with a spoolie brush so we could brush the hairs after penciling them for a more natural look. I also set them with matte br0wn eye color powders from Artistry like Godiva and Drift. I used Godiva with me, which is slightly warmer than Drift. This product happens to be my favorite. Like I said, you don't get good brow makeup anywhere just like that.

Artistry Total Mascara

Everything-proof basically - flakeproof, smudgeproof, and waterproof. I used brown here, and although I have a qualm for brown being too light for me, it was dark enough to define. Check out how mascara could turn eyes from so-so to YOWZA! Spot the one with mascara. It won't be that hard, yes?

This could be a lazy girl's mascara. Why? Well due to its brush, since as you turn it, it sort of changes form. You could practically skip eyelash curler here, since it looks good on its own already. However, yielding your faithful eyelash curler would yield more dramatic results. It lengthens, separates, and defines lashes too, for long lashes that look like falsies. Although it's pricier than other mascaras, I'd save this for me on special occasions where I need waterproof powers activate.

I not only did experience skin care but a full face of makeup too. I brought my brushes beforehand so I could play with the makeup. I did a sorta basic smokey look, with a palette of plums.

The foundation is great giving a flawless and poreless finish and guarantees up to 12 hours of long wear. I do recommend it only for everyday use though since it contains a high SPF (SPF 20). On picture-heavy functions, a high SPF could cause a ghostlike effect with flash photography so I don't recommend this for weddings and photoshoots where there would be a lot of picture-taking involved. For cheek colors, Rosewood would be a good universal choice since it's a peach-pink with a bit of brown so it flatters most Asian skin tones. For alabaster skin, a raspberry or candy pink would be much suited. It was a fun meet though, and as soon as I get more info, I'll let you in on that.

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