Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Fairy Dusts and Gusts of Cheery-uppers

Hey everyone! The long weekend is up and I'm sure most of us are now back to work. I just got back home from work as well. I currently am part of a project that's going on this week and I'm pretty much excited about it, learning new things along the way, especially aspects on health. I just washed my brushes and I thought, maybe I'd catch up as well on my blogging backlog.

It was an almost-rest week last week though, as I was pretty much bombarded with so many things the week before. On top of that, I had a horrid reaction to a multivitamin and what I thought was dyspepsia was actually my body reacting negatively to it. Apparently, the vitamin was too strong. So, I'm now sticking to natural sources for my vitamins (i.e. fruits and vegetables) and less stronger supplements. I found out when my bodily reactions returned to normal days after taking the vitamin when it finally got purged out of my system. Oh well, lesson learned.
Anyway, pretty much a lot has happened though, good and bad, but I'd like to share what made me happy during my lag period.
First up were little angels that came my way in the form of cutesy little toddlers.
I attended a Pampers event two weeks ago. I couldn't miss it. I love babies and children and I'm sometimes seen just saying hi to random little kids and making friends with them. A roomful of babies free to play around just brightened my day, and yes, that was one of the days where I had the stomach problem.

Yet angels like these make owies go away right?
Sharing is good!

Kiddies are taught how to share. Awwww...

Karel and her little baby girl, who's equally as pretty as her mom. Cutesy cherry print ruffly dress!

RJ's little Fortune (carried by her yaya here) couldn't wait to play with the others. Curly curly locks!!!!!

It's so cute to see the Pampers peeking out of the skirts too. Heeheehee. I must say that Pampers really did its job here, as I hardly saw tantrums from the babies.

The following day was another happy day for me. Marc's making a comeback in photography after an almost a year of hiatus. He got two models first and showed me the pegs a week before. Then, he told me he saved a peg for me that he thought would be perfect. Hence, I reveal my newest picture:

[Photo by Marc Yu]

Marc made me the persona of my Hollywood twin. :P I weighed my hair down here with smoothening serums and straighteners to get Sayuri's poker straight look. I didn't want the plain eye the original picture had so I thought of doing something on my own to tweak it a bit. And yes, I did a tad of contouring here, so it's not that flat. Once I get some colored headshots out, I'll post them as well. The only bad thing that day was that I had to eat fruit the entire day because my stomach hasn't subsided yet.

Oh, and I've got a little critter that's been keeping me busy:

Most of my Facebook friends know him by Kitty. He sorta adopted me when I started leaving food out for him. He's so cute and fat. He's a bit aloof though, and such a diva. He's pesco-vegan I think since it doesn't seem to take a liking to chicken and beef and I'm suspecting he might be lactose intolerant too. I love taking ninja shots of him.

Lookie how fat he is now! He could hardly fit through the gate grills and sometimes I have to open the gate to let him in.

A friend told me that cats have unique personalities. I think Kitty's taking after me being mataray and teritorial.

Things like these are just little reminders that life is good. The little babies that I befriend, friends who are there by my side, and seeing my cat healthy and full each day and how he continues to visit me are some of my many little destressers. Any destressers that come by too?

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