Monday, November 8, 2010

Skinny Does Blue Steel and Magnum

Cats are interesting, though. A friend of mine who owns cats told me that each cat has a unique personality. When I started taking care of the strays a few months ago, I noticed that as I sorta got to know them a bit more. Kitty the fat one is more reserved and cares about food and sleeping after pigging out and shies away from the camera when he realizes that I've had too many shots. If he doesn't like you, he'd stare at you with those almond-shaped eyes.

Skinny on the other hand is a natural charmer. I spotted this little one perched on the porch. I thought it was Kitty at first but he's got a smaller frame, so I named him Skinny. One thing I noticed about my little Skinner's is that he's got poise.
One leg in front of the other, just like a er- catwalk?

Find your light! I swear, it could be a Mike Yu coaching here. :P

He loves the camera, in contrast, and each time I click away, he poses and knows his angles.

How could you not resist? Feed this baby tuna. I think he's aware too that models have a BMI requirement of 18, or at least have a normal BMI hence he's wolfing food too for a healthier proportion. He's the milk drinker among the two as well.

The best is when he did Blue Steel

and MAGNUM! Omigod my cat's an ambi-turner.

Was bed rest today. Only got up to eat since I had to and feed the cats. It's bad to be sick again though. boo. Also, I was kinda bummed since my shoot got cancelled. :( Good thing my cat got attention. Diva, I know. But at least he's healthy. Now the only one that needs to look healthier is Matilda, but I guess she's still in her bulimic phase. Having Skinny do Derek Zoolander made me name my third cat Matilda, so I get to do something more creative with my cats' names.

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