Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 4 on SlimTone Therapeutic Cream: The Tape Measure Results

After week 4 under SlimTone Pro, it was time to face my fear, that is, to get the ticker tape of truth. I'm talking about getting a tape measure and seeing results after a month of use. So a few days ago, before anything else, I decided to finally see how well SlimTone measures by -er- how I measure.
I was staring a good deal at the tape measure first, silently telling it not to fail me. Has my middle whittled? Let's see. First of all, we might want to refresh our memories to my first experience with SlimTone plus the results a week after. Now three weeks after, I'm supposed to see results. So here I go with my tape measure.

Are you ready hips and abs?

So okay, before this, I took my measurements prior to any treatment. My waist is actually 25 inches and my hips are whopping 37. I learned that since I got myself fitted for a gown. Pretty modest measurements right? So with much ado, I measured my waist first.
My waist (thank you high heavens) has shrinked back to 24, or rather, it's 24-1/8".

My hips were the ones with a dramatic improvement. It's down to 35-1/2 inches to 37. I made sure that my shorts where thinner than denim, since I refuse to photograph a bare bum :) .

Now the measurements have been laid out, I would now talk about the visuals. One week after helped me firm up for my shoot. A month later, I was glad that there's less visible cellulite appearance on my legs and I could wear my uniform hot pants without worrying about dimpling whenever I sit down or cross my legs. My skin isn't dry, and in fact, I also moisturize all over my body after shower, making sure that the product is completely absorbed, of course. This I apply also if I'm self-tanning before an event, so I'm toned and tanned.

So how about the nasty stretch marks that cursed my derriere? Well, they are still there, but the good part is that the streaks are thinner as if they're on the process of being banished forever. The texture is already almost like my normal skin, like it's on the process of healing. I guess that it does help. Maybe for a certain limit, though, depending on how my skin's health is.

Of course, for those who are trying to slim down and lose weight, it's best not to just rely solely on a cream. A cream would only work at a certain level, which is to tone and tighten. At most, it will work on the upper layers. There's still muscle to tone and develop and deeper layers of fat to burn. Regular exercise and healthy diet are still needed, of course. Remember skin that just drastically sags and hangs after weight loss? We could avoid that by properly caring for the skin and making sure skin stays toned as our muscles are toned. Skin tone could help also prevent stretch marks and as we go on with a weight loss and toning program, it's best to incorporate skin care on the routine as well to get the shape we all desire.

I learned from the stretch marks I have that I can't take my skin for granted. Sure, it may look relatively good and even now, but I don't know what could happen when I gain and lose weight and the skin stretches and bounces back to normal. Now, I'm conscious about putting extra care and firmness on the skin on my abdomen, hips, and thighs, parts I usually neglect. Prevention is indeed the best cure. :)

So am I satisfied with the product? I like it. I like that it wasn't thick and greasy on the skin and it didn't leave the skin feeling hot and suffocated ( in fact, it felt cool after like a refreshing drink on a hot afternoon. I know I keep saying that but it's what I feel! :D). As I work my way on toning my muscles, I'm putting a conscious effort not to leave my skin behind so I don't look for drastic measures in the not-so distant future. For those who got their interest with my review on SlimTone, you could order at the Healthville website here. In the meantime, I got to call the designer to tell her my measurements have changed.

(Disclosure: Product provided for review)


Anonymous said...

Hi nice post. may i ask where did you bought this product? thanks

Bambi said...

this was sent to me for evaluation. but i think that i saw some stocks at health and beyond store.