Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey Boy, Wanna Date?

No I'm not pimping myself in this post. I'm promoting RJ Ledesma's newest book by Anvil productions, which I promised to promote wherever, whenever I may be or I be cursed by him. And check out the cover too that exudes hotnessness that my computer froze when I downloaded this so I could post this in my blog.

For boys who would want a date and later avoid the Samahan Ng Mga May Malamig Na Pasko at Masaklap na Valentine's Day support group, RJ guides you step-by-step on flirting, body language, and all that with matching humor, plunging necklines and snakeskin pointy-toed shoes optional. And if you've got nothing to do Thursday night 6:00 p.m., you could drop by Powerbooks Greenbelt 4 and meet the master himself as well as he promotes his book.

So who wants a date, boys?

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