Monday, December 3, 2012

I Joined a Pole Dance Competition

As of this moment, I've been doing pole for almost 2 years. The journey from the once shy girl who couldn't bodywave in t-shirt and boyleg shorts to the girl in the sports bra and knicker shorts doing those tricks up in the air has been fun. Each day I pole and each time my splits get lower, I get to love each day more and more.

A few weeks ago, an announcement was placed in a pole dance community's Facebook groups announcing auditions for an amateur pole dance competition. That got me thinking if  I should join or not. CD told me to just go ahead and do it. I thought, hey! This is definitely an experience I should look back. With barely a week to prepare my audition video and through the guidance of my teachers, I sent a video and waited for the results.

The weekend was a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Thankfully, there was work and yoga class to keep me sane and focused. But really, I was in a verge of tears checking my phone and the Internet for results. Until, I got an email which got me squealing and crying... I got in for the grand finals!

So my dears, this is why I've been busy the past few weeks. I spend most of my time rehearsing in the studio, listening to music, scouting malls in  order to find ways of going DIY with costumes and all. It's been both tiring, physically painful, and sometimes frustrating in those bad pole days when my knees won't lock, my arms just give out, and my back-of-knee just gets sore as my back. But it's all fulfilling. My teachers and classmates have been really encouraging and pushing us to do our best. I could not be more thankful. I always remember that pole champions train around 5 hours a day. And pretty soon, this will pay off. If not in our competition, in our journey as a pole dancer. It also brought us closer together during rehearsals and meeting new people from other pole dance schools.

Of course my performance piece will be a surprise, and something I've been working hard on. I just rehearsed today at home, also giving my body the break it needs. If I get paranoid, I just play the music and rehearse on my head and do a "face" run.

So here we are, my classmates and I at least last night at our photoshoot. This was a Sunday night and from my makeup gig, I went home, did my hair and makeup (more on my look later)  and dashed here. It was a night full of energy from talented pole dancers and friends. I wasn't able to take much behind the scenes photos though.

While at it, I would like to promote our competition on Sunday (eeek!)

If you love us and have nothing to do on a Sunday night, head over to Big Shift Events Hall and watch us perform! Please also like the Big Shift Vie and Vault Amateur Pole Dance Championship Facebook page (click here) for more updates too!

Here's to a lifetime of pole, dancing, and happiness.

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