Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MAC Style Warriors Product Swatches

Okay. so what does makeupbybambi think of Style Warriors?

Two letters, one expression: Rarrrrrr! Wild, Bold, and Sexy with gold packaging and animal prints, Style Warriors arrives at makeup counters with a bang. Here in Manila, it hit MAC counters last Friday but although I wasn't able to see it, I dropped by the next day to do some testing and I swatched some products for me to try. Colors are browns, golds, plums, and bronze. In contrast with the pretty pastels of A Rose Romance, Style Warriors would be another collection of FIERCE.

Eyeshadows came in gold packaging with iconic design reminiscent of tribal wars and all.

From L-R Bright Future, Vibrant Grape, Tempting, Soft Force, and Night Manoeuvres. Whereas Bright Future and Vibrant Grape are saved for those who want it wild and striking, Tempting, Soft Fource, and Night Manoeuvres could be used for bridals or every-day colors, since they're in the browns. The soft force makes and excellent warming highlight, don't you think?

Beauty Powder Blushes came in two shades, a plum shade and peach-bronze shade

Eversun is a peach-bronze shade that's more of an orange. For me, this is more of a warming bronzer than a blush. The mid-tone plum of On A Mission is quite interesting, and something wearable for fair-toned girls.

Bronzers were a must and they came in pressed form, loose form (with a kabuki brush) and spray form.Refined Golden and Solar Riche

Iridescent Bronzing Powder in Golden Bronze with a 182 Buffer Brush

Skinsheen leg sprays, which give legs, arms, and body a sexy J.Lo Glow (the lovely scent is another plus). For a super sexy bronzed effect, spray on hand, and massage on the body, and then top with powder and/or loose bronzing powder. Rarrrr! Lip colors had the same color scheme of yellow-gold, bronze, brown, and plum. Definitely do away with pastels and come the deep, dark, and metallic:Brave New Bronze, Sunsational, Purple Rite, and Tribalist. Brave New Bronze are the Angelina Jolie lips with a hint of wamrth. At first, Sunsational was weird being a cool gold lipstick, but it looked quite cool on the lips. Purple Rite had a tinge of coolness to it, and just like MAC frost shades, it had a some glitter in it. An unusual color, tribalist, was amplified creme in a deep plum finish. I tried it on and it looked quite good on me, and this was something new since I'm not a pure plum user, but the look kinda fierced up my look.

Lipglasses were the same color scheme too. It was weird seeing yellow lipglass, but this could be mixed with any lipstick to warm up a shade.
Liberated, Style Warrior, Gold Rebel, and Fierce and Fabulous. Remember, lipglasses are sheer liquid lipsticks so the color on the tube is ten times sheerer on the skin.

Two additional products were solar bits and lustre drops. Lustre drops are like the Barbie Collection's Glimmershimmer in tints of lilac pink, bronze, and gold to add shine and highlight. They could be mixed with foundation or moisturizer for a subtle glow.
Pink Rebel, Sun Rush, and Bronze Hero. The Bronze Hero is for deeper bronzes, if you want to do an all-out bronzing, while the Sun Rush is more subtle. With the pink rebel being tame, this could actually be used as a shimmery glowy blush.

Lastly, the solar bits were an interesting part. It looked like crumbly eyeshadow but it practically melted into my eyelids when I applied it and had a creaseless, creamy, and highly pigmented finish. I love how it updated my neutral makeup into something more dazzling. Although this could be applied with a brush, patting and blending gently with the ring finger could also do.

Impassioned, Bronzescape, and Scatterays.
Crushing the pigments help deliver the brightest and shiniest look.
Style warriors is already available in MAC Counters here in Manila.

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