Sunday, July 26, 2009

Classic Meets Animalistic at the Lancome Genefique Launch

Here's what I did to make a classic dress look interesting while keeping the streamlined form. Accessorize with a tad of punch

So on this photo it's a simple shift gray-black dress with black stockings, my hair tamed and flat-ironed, the usual red lipstick (Ruby Woo used here, which I hardly retouched), and black pumps. The tights are snake-pattern tights, which had support too, to withstand long hours of standing in stiletto heels. I wanted something interesting so I opted for the snake-pattern tights, which kinda went with my snake-print bag (me love snakes a lot). Accessories were kept minimum and classic - just watch and earrings as I don't want a very busy look.

For makeup, I wanted matte foundation for zilch shine and white cast on cameras, defined brows, red lips, and a bit more drama on the eyes by doing cat's eye.

I had a pop of color on my cheeks for blush so as not to get looking washed out especially if the red lipstick is very intense. Hair today is flat-ironed since curls might look too busy and distracting in such a streamlined dress. :) I wanted something timeless and classic with a little twist. I break the clean-eye-dramatic lip rule by adding a tad of drama to the eyes. To break the matte monotony on the makeup, highlights were strategically placed on areas of the face to create dimension and avoid the look from being too mask-like.

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