Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lancome Genefique: Anti-Ageing To the Cellular Level

We all want to look young forever, and if the Fountain of Youth truly existed, I would be the first one to go there and haul gallons of water for me to stay young forever. As of now, I have yet still to search it and I'd have to deal with anti-ageing creams, healthy diet, and proper lifestyle. I guess everyone's on that quest as I am, and with anti-ageing skin care and makeup fast emerging, the desire to prevent ageing goes on and on.

Last Friday, I attended the press launch of Genefique, a youth activating serum brought by Lancome, which takes anti-ageing to a whole new level - down to the cells and not just the cells but right there at the genetic level- chromosomes, biomolecules, and all. This product took 10 years of research and promises visibly rejuvenated skin in 7 days.

"Genes' activity is revived stimulating the production of youth proteins"

was the mechanism of the product. It claims to return the skin's original and youthful quality. As we age, the activity of our genes slows down and

"needs more time to act to produce youth proteins".

I was given a first-hand experience on how Genefique works not just by infusing the serum on my hand (as I did when I entered the venue) but also its effects in seven days in 4 minutes using a high-tech ultrasound device.

First of all, my hand was cleansed and 2-3 drops of serum applied and spread to skin. The product is actually dispensed by a glass dropper, as it was demonstrated to me.
And then the ultrasound device was used to let the serum penetrate to the skin. The ultrasound device felt like an instant mini-massage to my super-overworked left hand that's exposed to chemicals.

Whee! Me like like. Genefique felt almost like water to the skin and it's cool to the touch. When I asked how to use the serum, the Lancome MA told me that it's supposed to be applied after skin cleansing and before moisturizer and makeup. Two to three drops on the fingertips and applied to clean face avoiding the eye area and spread across the face starting from center and working outwards.

After four minutes, she asked me to feel the back of my hand and compare it to the control subject, which was my untreated right hand. The back of my left hand felt smoother and softer. I didn't feel any greasy or sticky afterfeels, and this is good since this is one extra step to skincare- and-makeup routine.

I did like the product (please note that this does not have sunscreen so you would have to use a separate sunscreen or skincare/makeup with sunscreen to protect us from the harmful and *eek* ageing effects of the sun) after my own first-hand experience and would recommend it to those who would want to try it. It's a bit pricey but with the effects, it must be worth every penny. I'll let you know in seven days how my skin feels. :)

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