Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy day with friends and MAC HAUL

Apy and I were lunching out with our friend last Monday and she told me that our CDs were ready. She said she'll be giving part 1 soon and since I have to pick up a few stuff at MAC (wheeee! PP day!) on Wednesday, Wednesday would be a good idea since all of us are in the area. So Wednesday it was. Met up with Rudge then at Greenbelt since we both had to run a few errands there after which, since the MAC office is near Rockwell, where we would be meeting Apy, we went there next and the goodies I got were really beyond my wildest dreams.

Brush sets. MAC BRUSHES GIRLS! The red edition. :) I think these two plus a few from my Colorforms brush set are enough for me to do a full-blown makeup. The portable size and red color are pluses. I chose the face brush set, which contains a stippling brush, a foundation brush, contour brush (#168) and concealer brush. The Basic brush set has brushes from face to lips - a blush/powder brush, 2 eyeshadow brushes, an angle eyebrow brush, and a lip brush. I love brushes and having MAC brushes are a definite plus. So my old #217 brush is no longer lonely. Horray!
It was a long wait for me to have a Heatherette palette but I'm glad I got one. The colors are pretty wearable too. The peach makes an excellent base color as well.
Two cremesheen lipglasses that were absolutely pretty and pink. Gift #1 from MAC is the coral lips palette from last year's Holiday Collection (yep, the one with the red casing)Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy. This was chosen for me as this was a super pretty color with a raspberry candy pink pop of color on the cheeks. The glow is another plus, since it's mineral-based.
After I fell in love with leg sprays, I requested another one in medium dark. Last in the pretty bagful of makeup was a pot of gloss from the MAC Sweetie Cake collection, which looks good enough to eat. heeheeehee.It does look like a cookie or candy, doesn't it? So cute!

Finally, after the joy of the makeup, we met up with Apy at another favorite makeup counter - the Shu Uemura Flagship store at Rockwell. EJ greeted us again and was happy to pause for a chat on counter as I played with the makeup. Here, I made sure I had really nice brows. :D Apy followed a few minutes later since she had a client shoot. The girl's gorgeous as ever, I won't believe that she was haggard from work.
EJ, Rudge, me, and Apy. :) Just having fun. Makeup and skin care and friends make the world go round. The white lights of the Shu counter has made my face paler. eeeek! Heeheehee... i've been sporting dresses despite the rain. Good thing it didn't rain while I was outdoors and I didn't skid when I drove home.

Apy told me her lips were drying so I gave her a mini-makeover. So mini that she only needed a tad of UV Underbase (#01) to even out her skintone and a corally-orange lipgloss and she looked fab. Life ain't fair. Rudge and I were also introduced to the Ace B-G eye cream, a newfound love as we're starting to both be OC with our skincare. And I'm bad introducing him to the UV Underbase as well. After a fun talk plus stories of Rudge's recent Bangkok trip, we went over to Starbucks for coffee.

It sure was a great day after being cooped up in the house for a long period of time all with good karma of friends and of course, makeup. :)


Steph said...

hi bambi! just wondering, is MAC open for applicants? how does one be part of the MAC team? thanks!

Bambi said...

Hi Steph! Actually I just got invited and I said yes. I've been a MAC Client kasi for so long and I know a lot of the products. Then, they needed a guest artist and I agreed (and with good choice!)

Actually, you can ask MAC if they have openings for counter jobs. Usually, you submit samples of your work and your resume. Good luck!