Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cindy Kurleto on UNO Magazine

Has anyone seen the latest UNO Magazine? I saw it and was totally blown away by the cover

Cindy Kurleto in nothing but lace undies, satin gloves and hot pink straps. Clean makeup, hair pulled back tight, and a surprise on subtle smokiness on the eyes to bring attention to the hazel color. The contrast of hot pink on the all-black ensemble - black lace panties and satin gloves adds a chiaroscuro-like pop of color. The whole look is edgy and despite the that she reveals more skin than she used to (with the text strategically covering her up), it still is classy instead of sleazy. Sexy? Definitely.

The new look is something that I've been impressed, almost with international quality. Not your usual men's magazine, yes? I just couldnt stay long reading it at the bookstore because I keep getting strange looks from people when they see me read men's magazines (What? :P)

To my male readers, what do you think?

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