Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sneak Peek

I gotta model for my good friend, graphic artist and photographer Apy Arevalo for her concept shoot. She did two layouts for me, one being Royalty and another well... let's find out

Here's the royalty shoot makeup:

I'm loving the big hair. The hairstylist tortured it with maximum teasing and practically finished a can of hairspray to get it that high! Supposedly it's Elizabethan. Not complaining.

Second shoot
Story behind this was that Apy told me to wear this pretty pink gown tas with a shawl. Then Tippy suggested the idea of wrapping the shawl around my head like Erykah Badhu (tama ba spelling?). Then I was thinking - why not Valentina? since I'm such a fan of anything reptilian... dedicate na lang shoot to something like this. :D I really had a fun time being shot.
By the way... my makeup... was done by myself in the cab. I already put on my foundation and contours and powder/eyebrow at home then took the bus to buendia and took a cab to the studio then continued doing my makeup in the cab so by the time I got to the studio, all i had to do was stick on falsies, powder up, and I'm good to go. :)
I really had fun in the shoot! Will post pix soon!

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