Monday, October 20, 2008

Smoky Smoky

Just last week, Dennis asked me to HMuA for his shoot. When I saw the crew lineup, it featured really talented artists so I was twice as nervous. I hardly had any sleep the day before since I was really nervous. First, I met up with my friend, Cyril, since my grad gift to him was to be his personal makeup artist for his graduation picture. Picture to follow as soon as I get the high res copy.

Anyway, after which I met up with the model and we both went to the location for our shoot. Guess what? My smoky eyes rocked. I guess the practice was worth it! :) I did a very dark smoky eye on both of them. On the male model, I used browns and charcoals then darkened it at the contours with black (all makeup by Kryolan). On the female model, I tightlined her eyes then lined it thickly with Indian kohl pencil and did some smudging. I played with grays and blacks to get the dimension the stylist wanted and kept everything in a matte finish.

So here's the outcome:

Models: Cielo and Chinz
Photographer: Filbert Kung
Makeup: Bambi de la Cruz
Stylist and Accessories by: Dennis Celestial

I kept the eyebrows really light to focus everything on the eyes. Lips are a nude matte shade, almost skin tone. I had fun in this shoot. Not only was the team phenomenal, they are a joy to work with!

For those asking me tips on how to do smoky eyes, here's what I would suggest:
1. Use a base. Smoky eyes are highly pigmented and shadows need something to cling on to.
2. Highlight the browbone. It would look like a black eye if you don't.
3. When using eyeliner, make sure to powder over it with matte black eyeshadow.
4. White or skintone eyeliner on the waterlines can make eyes look bigger.
5. Blend. make sure both eyes are evenly symmetrical.
6. Smoky eyes start dark at the lashline then fade to almost nothing on the browbone. Make sure there's a gradation.
7. Get liner in between the lashlines.
8. Balance smoky eyes with lots of mascara (falsies too, if you want as your lashes could get lost with all that makeup), and nude lips. Keep blush just a natural flush.
9. Experiment with different colors to suit your mood. :)
10. Remember to wash everything off at the end of the day. :)

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