Monday, October 6, 2008

My Skin Care Ritual

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Lately I haven't been wearing much makeup than I used to since I have been working behind lenses plus I get really early call-times. heeheeheee. Anyway, so of course, inasmuch as I love makeup, I always take care of what's underneath that, and that's my skin. Okay, don't get me wrong. I'm not all flawless all the time, 24/7. I do have my days of oiliness, haggard skin, and also my breakouts, but that's due to lack of sleep, abuse of skincare, and too much junk food (I can't help it... I love french fries and potato chips and wasabe popcorn and ice cream and boxes of chocolates!).

One tip I learned too, was the fact how my skin dramatically improved when I finally quit my smoking habit. Smoking dried up my skin before and I really subsisted on moisturizer and had to pile on that makeup. I also keep myself hydrated with lots of fluids and of course, plenty of healthy food. I guess they had it right when they told me that taking care of the skin starts from within.

(Me without makeup. Photo by Lauren Dalao)

So here, I'm writing to finally share my skin care ritual. It's not as complicated as you might think...

After or during I hit the shower, I wash my face with facial wash. Soap can be too drying on my face and it could strip my face of its natural moisture. Depending on the season, my preference for facial wash could change. On hot days, I prefer gel-type or liquid-types that can strip away oil and dirt and yucky stuff. On cold days, I might need the extra help of a cream cleanser. If I have time, I do a final rinse of cold water to close the pores.

I like toners because they sort of seal the face and prep it up for moisturizer. I whisk this on my face and throat and let it evaporate first, then I put moisturizer with SPF. Yep! We all need SPF!
Eye cream has been an added step after I became conscious of my skin around the eyes. I didn't know how delicate they were and how they need a lot of TLC. So there.

Lip butter is next since I'm such a fan of matte lipsticks. Since they tend to be a bit harsh and drying, I slather on lip butter or lip balm then wait 5 minutes before I proceed with my makeup (if I do)


After a day of shoots, shopping, or just lounging around, I need to clean my face of all that dirt and germs. I use cleansing oil to remove my makeup. Cleansing oils have been my best friend after I discovered how potent they are in removing even the most waterproof mascara. If I have time, I go old-fashioned with cold cream or cleansing milk.

My face needs a wash and so it gets washed... I want a really really clean face before I go to bed. Toner as usual to seal in the pores and I put on an intense eye cream made for night.

Lastly, I apply firming night cream on my face and neck and massage it well so that it gets easily absorbed into the skin. After which, lip balm comes next since I want my lips soft and smooth when I wake up in the morning.

Sometimes i like to pamper myself. Twice a week, I use exfoliants to rid myself of dull skin. Plus, when I feel like it, I use a super hydrating facial mask to give my skin its much-needed vitamins. I don't overdo this though, as this could traumatize my skin.

Whatever skin ritual you may have, aside from a healthy lifestyle, always follow these cardinal rules:
1. Never leave the house without SPF!
2. Never go to bed with dirty skin!
3. Never prick your pimples!

Anyone care to share their skin rituals?

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