Friday, October 31, 2008

My Good-Girl Rewards

My absence in the blogosphere is not due to me not wanting to blog... I've been preoccupied lately with shoots/clients. Since I've been working too hard and doing great, I've decided to reward myself the other day with a couple-a new things.

Shoes and bags are my weaknesses. My feet being picky and humongous need comfortable yet stylish shoes. Events have seen too much of my 8-year-old heels that still work and I intend to keep them, yet I need another pair for other functions. A pair of conservative black pumps to go with outrageous stockings or fishnets...

I was searching in other shops but unfortunately, they didn't have my size, the style was too painful, or well, it wasn't just my type. However, when I went to The Ramp, I spotted two pairs of pumps that got my fancy and both had my size. One was plain black that was really comfortable. One was black with a bit of red detail. I went for the latter since I don't want my shoes to be too boring.

Tadaaa.... new shoes. They're more comfortable than you think... and I haven't broken them in yet. It is kinda loose, but corks would fix that.

Details, details...

(Php 900 at Ilaya Couture)

Yes. Im a size 9. My feet are gigantic. The heel is conservative enough, just 2-1/2 inches. They go well with pants or a nice shift dress, ne? I really like black shoes because they're so classic. I doubt this will wear off trends anytime soon. I stick to classic pieces and just accent them a little for pizzazz.

If you look at the picture, you'd see my new bag peaking out. My fascination for anything reptilian has been an interesting trivia to many, since I seem so girly. Not that I want to have a pet snake. I've found snakes just beautiful and mysterious. I've been fascinated with them so much I had a reptilian-inspired photoshoot. I spotted this bag weeks ago at Goldcrest and I've been wanting to buy it. I've actually been eyeing for a red version but this bag couldn't just get out of my head. I've been choosing this or a [faux] croc skin red bag but I think this baby won the verdict.

If I can't have my ever-so-coveted Speedy yet, this would do. The bag's roomy enough to fit all my tambak of stuff. Plus since it's an un-branded bag that's not an dupe of any designer label, I think it's pretty safe to take with me abroad. :) Oooooohhhh I just loved it after I bought it, I immediately used it.

The retail price? Php400 (haggled)

Okay, so I might have overspent that day, but hey, it's not everyday that I get to have beauties like these.... Besides, I've worked really hard and it's time I get these. :)

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