Friday, October 3, 2008

Photography Debut

With as far as macros are concerned (and my product shots for blogging), I need to find my way around a camera (even if it may be a trusty P&S). In my photoshoot last Wednesday, despite the rain and Metro Manila being declared as Signal #2, we still continued on our photoshoot at Rouge Studio, I was watching the shoot and trying to do a bit of coaching on the model. The owner of the studio, G, seeing that I wanted to take a few shots, lent me his camera (a lovely Canon 40D) and encouraged me to take some shoots.

Needless to say, this is my debut in photography - or sort of. He already pre-adjusted the camera and the lights. All I had to do was angle and click:
Here's my model, Amor. Don't you think she reminds you of Nik Pace from ANTM Cycle 5?

Amor is another trooper. She came all the way from Pampanga (commuting with all her luggage) for this shoot. I was worried that the shoot would be canceled due to the rains but the whole team braved the shoot.
Another bonus was that Dennis and Stanley also passed by. Sweetest people on earth! The shoot was so much fun. The studio is turning to be another favorite of mine due to its relaxed atmosphere. We sure enjoyed a lot and we didn't feel any pressure. In this layout, I gave Amor smoky eyes but with a twist. For the lid color, I used cream eyeshadow in a gray color and packed on glitter to make it look like glitter shadow and encircled the crease with a matte black color. I kept the lips nude to focus on her eyes. Lucky Amor already has curled and thick lashes.
We finished at 8 or 9 pm but it sure was worth it!

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