Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Green-and-Lilac EOTD using my Baxi Shadows

Just a few weeks ago, I saw a pallete of Baxi eyeshadows and 2 blushers and after finding out how super pigmented they are got myself one (At Php100.00 a pop. ha!)

Since I'll be heading off for a shoot in a few minutes, I thought I'd share first my EOTD using my super inexpensive and super colorful Baxi shadows.

So here's the guide:

Basically I just used colors marked 1, 2, and 3. For the others, though, I did incorporate a bit of other makeup. :)

So here's how to do it:

I applied concealer on areas that need evening out and buffed mineral foundation on my face and set it with Setting Powder.
Groomed and defined brows and tightlined my eyes with dark brown eyeliner.
Then, I lined my upper eyelids with black kohl pencil and smudged this up to the crease for a smoky effect and also to act as a base (im going for colorful smokey eyes here)
On inner upper lid, I dabbed color #1 and blended this through halfway.
On inner lower lid is color #3, and i blended this halfway.
On outer upper lid, I dabbed in color #2. I blended where the two colors meet (a defined boundary is yucky) and also up towards the crease. I blended this so it does not look like a stroke of color. I also swept color #2 on the lower outer lashline to act as a drop shadow.
Finally, I highlighted the ball of the lid with a shimmery green loose powder eyeshadow (you can use your favorite MAC pigment/Careline loose powder shadow/MMU eyeshdaow) and BLEND well.
Then, for more definition, I lined my eyes with black pencil liner and smudged to soften. Curl lashes and add lots of mascara.
No blush here, since I made my eyes take center stage. I added a frosty glittery pink lipstick to go with the whole scheme.
Gotta go now! Hope you like this EOTD!


CG said...


May I know where to buy the baxi palette?


bambi said...

i got it in a tiangge. try divisoria. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Baxi as well! You can find them in Market Market also.