Monday, October 20, 2008

Waterproof Love

Since most of my work last week has been involving water and beach shoots lately so the quest for water-resistant makeup has been my adventure the past few days (also i've been bombarded with shoots and all). Actually, I'd like to zero down two in my list that I've discovered so far. Waterproof makeup (especially the eye makeup) is also important not just for heavy-duty shoots but also weddings where a lot of crying is involved and sometimes every day life, when all's too sweaty.
However, since waterproof makeup can be expensive, I can zero in two of my favorite waterproof variants:

Here's my ever-so-fabulous mascara favorite:

FASIO Mascara (any variant) (Php395.00 at Rustans)

It's practically waterproof, smudge proof, cry proof, sweatproof, and everything proof. I think it's almost makeup remover proof, you practically need to soak it in makeup remover to get it out. I used that for my beach photoshoot and the models were surprised they didn't end up looking like a raccoon. :) Plus, if you don't remove it properly, you would have more for the next day. :)

For eyeshadow, I'm loving In2It waterproof colors. Plus, they go on sale!

That's my eye and I've already road-tested it by summerging my entire face in water. As you could see, the makeup is still intact. The technique though is to layer, layer, and layer. You can use a sponge tip applicator for intense application. That's what I did since I did an ultimate road test.

The good thing about in2it is that they have a variety of colors and the price isn't that high. I havent tried using a sealant yet but this looks like a good alternative for now. :) You have my claim on these products as I have subjected these babies into violent road-testing. Although that's a lot of layers, just to make sure. :)

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