Friday, October 31, 2008

With the last hour of October left

Availed Nail To Toe's October promo of getting 10% off on your manicure when you use PINK polish in honor of breast cancer month. :-) at the last day of October.

I love that pink! I've got karpintera nails due to years of being glued to the keyboard plus playing the piano and lots of needlework, but I love how they clean it without injuring my nails. They also use high-quality imported nail polish, and they're carefully selected to make sure they don't chip minutes after use.

Another new thing they've added to their routine is a nail dryer, so no need to super wait ages for the nails to completely dry. My nails dried relatively fast and whereas when doing DIY or own manis, I used to wait ages just to be able to fish out money, This one only takes a few minutes.

Whether it may be pink or red (my classic fave) or the spicy, dark shades of rhum, wine, plum, etc, I've been a fan of Nail to Toe salon ever since I got my back massage. A good thing I've also seen is how their techniques are refreshed new stuff and trends are brought out. Definitely international quality just a few steps away from my house.

Actually, this is one place that makes me not leave Las PiƱas, even though it's super far from the rest of the world!

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Askmewhats said...

aww this color is super cute!