Friday, March 9, 2012

Gigs: Makeup for Czech Soprano Noema Erba

Another great opportunity came my way last Wednesday. I did hair and makeup for Czech soprano, Noema Erba for her TV guestings here in Manila. It was such an honor to be one of the chosen few to do makeup for an international star such as Ms. Noema, and thanks to Mike, I really prepared for it. Two days before, Mike set up a meeting for us so that she could tell me what look she wanted, guided by her husband, noted glamour photographer, Dan Hostettler.

Her first TV interview was for Channel 4's The Morning Show. She would be a guest with the Czech Ambassador Josef Rychtar where she would be promoting and talking about her concert, Jewels of the European Opera. Since it was a morning show, she had to start getting ready as early as 4 in the morning.

Since it was a morning show, it was best that her makeup was very fresh and natural, as if she woke up that day feeling gorgeous. Most of my pegs for her were very classic and bridal. I would like the makeup to be very comfortable for her to wear while highlighting her best assents. For this show, I used rosy pinks for her.

Photo-op by the lobby before they leave for the TV station. All these photos were taken by Noema's husband, Dan Hostettler. Dan's such a loving husband to her making sure Noema has everything ready and taken good care of.

The following day, Noema had another interview with GNN in the show Philippines Uncut. It was an afternoon interview, so makeup had to be different than the first, with a bit more definition. Thanks also to Mike who offered to have Noema's makeup done at his shop, which was literally a hop and a step away from the GNN studio, practically 2 minutes away, so makeup is fresh.

Thanks Mike for lending your store to us. You awesome!

Since Noema has blue eyes, I used a palette of warm ambers and golds, which would provide a great contrast with her blue eyes so they pop out. To tie the warm scheme together is a bit of warm peachy-pink blush and coral lip (I mixed Avon French Lace Rose with a bit of MAC Cyndi Lauper Viva Glam lipstick. Lately I've noticed I like mixing lipsticks rather than using one shade).

I super duper love this photo of her.

Thank you so much Dan Hostettler for the photos, Mike Yu for this oppotunity, and of course to Noema Erba for trusting me to do her makeup for her TV interviews.

While at it, I would also like to promote her concert, which would be happening this Monday at Dusit Thani Hotel:
Have a great weekend everyone, and as of this moment, I'm prepping for something very big! :D


Anonymous said...

Bravo Bambi... Good Job

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great makeup there :)