Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Whole Day Shoot

One time, a photographer sent me a PM in my Multiply site asking if I would like to collaborate with her for a photoshoot. She assured me that even though it was a TFCD shoot, it would be awesome.

I looked at her portfolio and I was quite impressed with her work since it was different, so I gave it a shot. I found out too when we chatted and we were talking about the peg that she's currently in the same school as where I graduated from in high school. Going back to the peg, when I looked at it, I fell in love with the messy, curly voluminous rumply hair and the colorful makeup. Good thing the shoot was scheduled to a day where I could make it.

We met up in a small cafe near my place (since she lives near me) and then we went to BF paranaque for the shoot. We did makeup in her friend's house and since the house had a rustic charm to it, we shot there first outdoors.
That's us at the backyard with our model, Torj. Here's a detail on her hair and makeup as I documented it:That's just a warm shimmery bronze and I mixed it with lilac and fushia plus I used a hot pink lipstick with gloss. The hair was fun to do, although a bit time-consuming since I had to curl the hair in small sections, pin them in place, mist with hairspray and then tease it for volume to get that messy-fix do. No wax since I didn't want to weigh the hair down. Here, the humidity sort of helped us pouf up the hair.

She was really game and Lyka, the photographer was really creative. She even asked Torj to lie down on the pavement and she was game during the shoot. It was really fun and the sun was so hot it practically burned us but it was worth it. Actually, after using the house, we explored the village and made use of the vacant lots, streets, and pavements. It was a good thing that it was held during the long weekend where almost everyone was on vacation so there was no oggling around.

So here are some of the shots. I'm still waiting for the one where I used feathers and pinned up her hair in this sort of refined Amy Winehouse look:

Here's when she lay down on the pavement:

and a detail on her makeup:

photo credits: Lyka Ohrel (
model: Angelique

The secret to seamless shadow is not the product but Blend, blend, blend and blend.

It was a great way to warm me up for a big project I did last Monday, and I can't wait for that to come out as well. :)

I wish I could have photoshoots and clients everyday, even if that means cleaning my brushes each time I get home and repacking my stuff.


Askmewhats said...

congrats Bambi for another wonderful shoot! makeup is fab!!!

teeyah. said...

GLAM indeed! :) She's really pretty with that makeup. Do you mind sharing what products you used on her? :)

Bambi said...

@ nikki: Thanks! Sana nga everyday ako may shoot eh. it's pretty addicting

@ Teeyah: Thanks! Actually I forgot the products that we used, save for the lippie and the foundation (body shop), they were a lot. :P