Monday, February 27, 2012

Prepping for Kitteh

Cats are really hardy animals, and Candy is a perfect example. During his rescue, he was the picture of uttmost pity (yes, he's a boy, according to the doctor who neutered him) - wounded badly, thin, scrawny, with a hyperextended limb. When we brought him over to the vet the night of his rescue, there was a possibility that he would be put to sleep. The thought brought me to tears. Good news when the doctor looked on him though. All he needed was proper medical care. He's a fighter all the way, and each day all signs pointed to the positive. Due to the trauma, he's a bit apprehensive to people still yet the doctors and cat owners assured me that with the right treatment and approach, he would be as sweet as sugar. I haven't visited him since Thursday since I got sick and our updates are mostly from the calls we make to the doctor but as his stitches would be removed tomorrow, he's free to go home.

As of the moment, we haven't found a home yet for the little kitters so my pole Stevie's gonna have a lil brother kitty first. We possibly couldn't let him out the street on his own. We made room in our little shoebox. It's a bit overwhelming, really. Personally, I've always wanted a kitty but we thought we'd postpone the pet until we get either a bigger apartment or cleared out my hunk of stuff. Little did we know that we'd be hoomans to a kitty in two weeks. And this kitty is a very special little kitty, and one reason he survived because there were a lot who helped him - a handful my friends and friends of friends have donated money for his treatment, and during his rescue, I was directed to the right people. He may not have received a big media hype, but the help we got are all welcome and we're very grateful that people have helped us and Candy.

Why, you ask that I didn't change Candy's name when I found out he's a boy? Well, it was he who chose his name among the plenty we called him (we frolicked around food names like Sushi, Teriyaki, Wasabi. We tried Bogart, reaction was blank. We tried naming him from some guys who tried to hit on me, just for fun and the kitty gave a pissed-off hiss). He meowed prettily when I said "Candy" and so that was the name that stuck.

Anyhow, much of the afternoon was spent at Pet Express to purchase some basic kitty furniture stuff. The first thing was a cage. We got a decent roomy cage to fit him with a bit of room for his dish. On some days, a fellow cat-lover neighbor of ours who helped aid in the rescue agreed to cat-sit Candy whenever we'd be away for a whole day, provided he has a cage.

A litter box is a must-have. Unfortunately, Pet Express didn't carry litter box hoods like Bow & Wow did. We chose a location for the litter box where Candy could go and do his business as he pleases without anyone looking. Quite logical. I wouldn't want to poop where the whole world could see, so I chose a place that's near the bathroom and less chance to be spotted as if he's in the loo, we're facing the other direction watching TV or doing work. As for kitty litter, we chose clay-based kitty litter, a tip I learned from watching Must Love Cats. A friend suggested I add baking soda to the litter box as well.

I also got him toys, so he's not a bored kitty. One theme you notice? Nothing mouse-shaped. Eeeewww! The toys would multiply, I guess.

I chose a cute collar with bells. I need to get him a collar to differentiate him from random strays, because as he hasn't fattened up, he still looks like a random gray tabby cat.

As we lined up, I spotted pet beds. How could we forget pet beds? The guy pointed out affordable pet beds for less than Php400. I chose a pretty red one with satin pillows. I think it's originally for doggies but kitties could sleep in it too. Candy's a 2-year old tabby cat, not a German Shepherd, so I think the size would be aokay. As with the litter box rule, I chose a hidden spot for his little throne.

I'm quite new with indoor cat care though, since most of the kitty friends I have are strays and outdoor cats who come and go as they please. Candy was recommended to be strictly an indoor pet, especially that he's still recovering. I've been reading cat care articles online and asking tips from friends. One of the questions I have is how to train him, how to get him to warm up, and most of all, what to do when we would have to leave for work? That's why Google and cat-caring people are my best friends.

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