Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Candy the Kitty update

My kitty friend Chewy's asking help to friends right now:

Candy's the name we gave the the cat we rescued last week. Actually, he chose the name, after a series of names that we gave, he responded to Candy the most. And you did note that I use he, because, in fact, he's a boy. We thought that he was a girl since the medical records during our first visit listed him as male. During his surgery, though, the doctor discovered that he happened to be a girl. Oh well, maybe he'll have a new name. Names evolve anyway.

How's he doing? Remarkably well. He's eating a lot. We gave him food yesterday as a gift and he seemed to like it. With regards to cat food preference, he seems to take a liking to Friskies more than Princess Cat. Basically, he's responding well to treatment and would be discharged soon.

There's nothing we could do with the right hind leg though, which would be another surgery. But he's able to walk though with it in his modified way.

All signs are good. Now all we need is a forever home and foster home for him. Although Candy's a sweetheart, we think it's best that he have a new home. You see, whoever attacked Candy might live nearby and it won't be safe for him to return to the same place near the person who tortured him. Besides, his second chance in life is best spent in a new environment, hence a new home. He would be discharged this weekend so we're on the lookout for a friend willing to take him as a new and loving pet.

What warms my heart is how friends selflessly donated for his treatment, which I would like to thank. Plus the love given to him probably gave him strength to recover quickly.

Fingers are constantly crossed for his recovery. For those who are willing to help, they may contact me via my email address at Thank you.

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