Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back In The Grind

Guess what?

I'm shooting again.

After a long hiatus from photoshoots and collaborations, my friends and I had another shoot. Christine asked if I could do a shoot with her and Mike on a Saturday morning. Of course I said yes. I love these two to bits plus I trust their work.

It's all about male makeup here, and they were styled really well. Looking at the photos, they're not your typical mail catalog shoot here in Manila. You think it was done abroad but nope, it was done right here, in a studio in Pasong Tamo.

I love how the outfits are so very wearable.

I did super minimal hair here. The model requested we let his hair be. Of course I obliged.

Slicked back hair and hammered with gel+hair spray reminds us of Leonardo di Caprio's character in Titanic, but we're not in Titanic's era so here we go.

For male makeup it's just simple - clear up the skin, add shape, mattify, look clean, spritz, and go. I only have one rule for male makeup, which I have passed to some of my gigs: No Foundation Day look. :P

Shoots gave me so much energy, and I think that's why I had that much energy that day since it was fueled with shoots. After the shoot, I flew off to an out-of-town trip and back and charged with a massage at Ton Tons. Following that was a random night out with Romina where we cooed at the cats CARA had on display at their event in Greenbelt and then dinner + coffee at Bizu. At this part of the day, I had no pictures at all to show. It was one of those super random and fun moments that I stopped documenting and just relished that moment. My kind of weekend.

PHOTOS: Michael Sy Yu and Christine Day Lorico
MODELS: Pablo Coelho and Thomas Jonathan Norder
STYLISTS: Kaye Awatin and Rolee Umali
LOCATION: Bulb Studio

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