Friday, February 3, 2012

Bridal Work: Claud

Claud without makeup is already pretty. I got to know her through Romina. She's one of Romina's closest friends in high school. When she went to my house, I was like, omigosh! She's so pretty! Romina told me that she looks like a fairer version of Kim Kardashian, and she did. Romina was there during the trial makeup too and I like that she gives her own opinion. After all Romina's the maid of honor. I told her, "The maid of honor is the bride's very pretty alalay."

Claud had a very nice and neutral theme of gold and ecru, so it was easy to play with color. When I looked at her face, I thought pink! With a tad of gold to tie with the motif. She has very expressive eyes and strong features to begin with so I kept everything looking pretty and gentle, a look to transcend generations.

My bias for hair for brides is really an updo, because I like everything looking neat. Bridal dresses are naturally heavy, so I thought for the crucial ceremony photos where all's formal and all, an updo would be really pretty, especially for indoor weddings. I added more falsies to Claud's naturally lush lashes for a smoky look without black eyeshadow.

Black eyeshadow wasn't allowed for Claud but it was a yes for Romina, the maid of honor, I gave her all the smokiness in the bridal makeup world crossing over to the red carpet glam world.

For "official" shots, here's the SDE created by Pictratto Shots, the official photo-video for the day:
w + Claudine SDE 12.30.11 from pictratto shots on Vimeo.

Claud with her mum and dad in Church:

And here's when she's now the new Mrs. Matthew Guerrero.

By the way, I used traditional makeup on Claud, using one of my favorite bride-level foundations: Paul and Joe Moisturizing Compact - which gives her that shine-free finish with a glow. Since it was only her and Romina for that day, I also did their hair, since Romina has short hair.

At her request, I let her hair down come reception time and used the vine as a headband/headpiece on her hair. With all the hairspray I put, her hair has set into pretty curls.

Bride: Claudine Cura-Guerrero
Preparations: Mandarin Hotel
Church: St. Andrew the Apostle
Photo/Video: Pictratto Shots

(Photos here in this post are from the bride's guests and from my own personal camera)

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