Monday, February 6, 2012

Everything's Up In Chocolate

Something yummy's in my drawer but it's not for my tummy. In line with Valentine's Day, The Body Shop takes inspiration from an iconic Valentine treat that's not just for grownups but for everyone, regardless of sugar level - CHOCOLATE. Their bath and body line, Chocomania, isn't just a treat for the skin but also for the senses.

Sensual, sweet, and tantalizing, the Chocomania bath and body line came in time for Valentine's day. Taking a whiff from the products, it really does smell like chocolate. I'm reminded of chocolate cake or brownie batter, had I closed my eyes, I would've taken a taste. But let me remind you that although they smell sweet and yummy, the Chocomania range is best left for the skin instead of the digestive system. It's not an edible treat okay?

What I have here with me are the Chocomania body lotion and body butter, both for moisturizing my skin on off-pole days or relieving chafed skin (I always have to stress that I use moisturizer only when I'm not dancing) after an hour of class or practicing. The one I have is just half of the entire Chocomania range, though.

For sloughing off dead skin, the body scrub (Php 995) makes showering and exfoliating a nice treat. This one was the one whose appearance reminded me so much of brownie batter, and it smells like it too. Then use the shower cream right after (Php 895)

To retain the soft baby smooth skin in the shower, seal off moisture with the moisturizer. The moisturizer left my skin feeling nice and soft, and it's easily absorbable on the skin. I'm glad that it didn't rub on my clothes after, or else that would be a pain to remove.

The Chocomania body butter is pricier than usual body butters (Php 1095). It is not your usual body butter. Your usual body butters provide only 24 hours moisturization. This body butter is a little more generous in adding another 24-hour duty, so that's a total of 48-hour moisturization. If you compare it to other body butters, if you're a body butter user like me, it's richer and heavier in consistency, almost like real spreadable butter on bread except that it's semi-solid on room temperature. I use only little amount and on areas that are super dry and need extra care - elbows, knees, feet, hands, and sometimes my tummy and back. It works well, too well that it's scary to pole if you have this on your thighs, back-of-knee and tops of the feet the night before. The best time to use this? Saturday night, when there's no pole on Sundays.

Aside from layering the entire line for an intense, yummy, and chocolate-y feel, feel free to experiment and mix with your favorite The Body Shop lotion/body butter "flavors". I've tried mixing my Chocomania lotion with my Candied Ginger hand cream from the holiday scents and I got a really nice, warm, spicy-sweet scent that reminded me of hot cocoa and gingerbread. A very romantic concoction could be classic romance icons - strawberry and chocomania - like sweet strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. How about mixing satsuma and chocolate? or if sweetness is your thing, try vanilla and chocolate. I have yet to try the combination of Moringa and Chocomania, which can be interesting, but so far the ginger and chocolate scent is in my favorite list. Now that's something yummy!

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