Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yellow Bag Weekend

Hello Forever21 sale, thank you for giving me a little bonus to smile about this week! Although it was hard to find my size by the time I got there (I went there yesterday, since I had a talk on Friday), but it's not like I went out empty-handed.

These bags were tempting.

Accessories were like a candy buffet! I think I spent a good chunk of my time here looking at very unique earrings, the only piece of jewelry that's a staple to me next to a watch.

I behaved this time, still walking out with my one-bag policy.

Got myself a nice pair of dark denim jeans that finally fit me well and a couple of earrings on sale yesterday in a safe silver color. Plus a while ago, I passed by to get me a pair of socks since I actually have very little socks. I have more stockings than socks! Hahahaha.

I wanted to get the Hello Kitty socks but they were sold out so I got this cuteums owl printed ones instead. Woot - er- hoot-hoot!

Just the basics for me, but I think they'll be needed to stretch up my wardrobe a bit. We still need more of the basics, right?

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