Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Casual Oversize

I want to be pretty but still be comfy, like wear flowy airy fabrics, easy-fit leggings I could jump into, and flats that enable me to walk for long distances and still not have my feet complain and kill me. Oh, and Zara was on sale so I saw an oversized tank top. Normally, it's a little too big but I always wear it over my sports bra and tadaaaaahhhh! Instant I'm-on-my-way-to-dance-class glam!

I think when I bought that top in Zara last Monday, I was the last customer in Zara. I saw that the sale sign was still up, so I'm bound to find something. Of course, all the small sizes were first to go, but I'm glad that there's medium and while working around something, it could work with me. The top's now Php395 from Php995 and I'm glad Zara allows us to pay in debit card because I didn't have enough cash with me and I don't want to use my card.

Top: Zara
Sports bra: PRP
Leggings: tiangge-bought (as all my leggings are)
Flats: Rainskimmers
Bag: Also tiangge-bought, but it's very sturdy I love it!

I passed by Serendra to buy Cupcakes by Sonja on the way home. I love their cupcakes and since I did a great job at class for two days, I think I deserve a treat as I have their cupcakes only occasionally (the frosting's too sweet for me to have sugar rush, one that I love and they're quite expensive).

Oh yes, and I wore makeup too! And effort with smoky eyes and winged eyeliner. Why makeup when I'm going to dance class? Well, why not? I'm getting better at getting the wings even at a quicker time, yay! It took me quite a while to remove the eye makeup though (MAC eye kohl+ fluidline = pain to remove) but I gotta remove all that gunk off always before I go to bed.

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