Friday, August 12, 2011

Long Gown Competition, Boho Edition

Megamall for me has the widest selection of Forever 21 merchandise. I somehow landed in Megamall yesterday since I had lunch with my star sign twin and her mini-me. After stuffing myself to the brim with prawn pasta (yummm!!!!) and detoxing with rose leaf tea, I stopped by Forever 21 to take a look at the new goodies. I put 4 items in my cart at first and went to the fitting room, among them, this billowy and flowy skirt won the deal. I like long skirts and dresses and they make me look taller. I wore it a while ago, in a mall day. It's so pretty and comfy.

I'm size S but it's really long. For busy prints like that, I thought a plain tank would do the trick, and yellow is my color choice so I could show the tan I had from my swim session.

  • top: bazaar-bought, those generic tank tops in all colors
  • skirt: Forever21
  • shoes: The Ramp
(cat not included)

I thought of letting my hair down and loose in a rumble-tumble of thick and messy waves, very little makeup and just relax and enjoy a day where it's all for me.

Okay, not entirely for me, the cat needs feeding. The skirt's so flowy I could capture the cat in it. Heeheehee!!!!!

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