Monday, August 22, 2011

A Supergirl Named Kiara

Juggling a job and a family is a challenge in itself. As soon as you clock out, your mindset is to rush home and complete a litany of errands. For some girls, this has been the quintessential excuse to not have time for themselves, exercise, or whatever. But for my featured friend, she believes that with proper balance, we can get the life we want.

Kiara executing the funky monkey, one of her favorite pole tricks

Kiara is one of my closest friends in pole dancing. She’s funny, witty, pretty, and easy to get along with. We had one common ground aside from pole – we love makeup! That’s how we clicked and we’d both spend a lot of time talking about the latest makeup collections and our makeup must-haves. Kiara relates to me a little story that inspired her to always make a conscious effort to look good. When she was 15 years old, she went to a school fair and she saw a very pretty mom with her two kids. When she saw that mom, she promised to herself that when she becomes a mom, she’ll be like that. Kiara has never let herself go. Already in her 30’s, she still maintains a size 2 frame, does fabulously at work, makes sure that her brows are well-groomed, her nails polished, and lipstick impeccable. Also, she is blessed with a wonderful family who loves her dearly (no yaya, take note!).

One thing I admire in her (aside from her mad pole skills) is that she lives a well-balanced life. She has a wonderful career, she’s a mom to an adorable 1-year-old, and she regularly works out. Kiara does both pole and yoga and she’s doing well in both. Currently enrolled at the Intermediate 2 class, Kiara has done many advanced moves that I have yet to dream of doing. I love how she makes time for everything. She travels from her office in QC to make it to her 9 pm pole class in Ortigas (she gets to the studio early). Aside from her two sports – pole and yoga, Kiara is enrolled at a gym where she trains focusing on strengthening her thighs via isometric contractions. The gym is at the Fort and Kiara travels there too!

I call Kiara a superwoman, supermom, and hmmm… maybe a superstar. And as you can see, she lived up to that promise she made to herself when she was 15.

That quintessential question which I might need, I'll ask you. How was it doing that first invert? Any tips and tricks for girls like me who want to achieve that invert?

Doing my first invert was really empowering and exhilarating. Just practice pole regularly and engage your core muscles when doing an invert. Most girls tend to laugh to ease their nervousness when doing an invert but laughing just makes the muscles relax

One thing that made us click is our love for makeup. Has this been innate in you or are you a late bloomer like me with cosmetics, health, and beauty?

I studied college at UP Diliman and didn’t wear ANY makeup. I graduated from the College of Fine Arts which is why I probably love makeup – it’s like crayons for adults. I’ve been hoarding makeup and last year I FINALLY went to makeup school just so I can.

So you do yoga, pole, have an awesome career, and you're a wife and mom. You consider yourself a superwoman?

I have always believed in work-life balance and I’m the type of girl who gets bored easily when doing the same activities day in and day out. I don’t consider myself a superwoman – just a woman blessed with a fabulous life.

How do you balance your life with family, work, and squeeze in some time with yourself, i.e. working out and keeping healthy?

I am blessed with a family that supports me and my husband knows that working out and keeping healthy makes me happy. My mom and hubby help out in taking care of my toddler Riley.

What are tips and tricks that you'd like to share for moms like you who believe that they have no time to go to the gym, exercise, or put on makeup because of their schedule, kids, stuff like that?

If you want something badly – you’ll find a way to get it! It’s really that simple. Having no time is not an excuse. When I gave birth to my daughter Riley, I had a C-section and it was really depressing not to be able to go back to the gym. I found an alternative workout, which was yoga and I was back to my size 2 frame in 6 months. (Bambi tip: ask your doctor for preggy-safe exercises that you can do depending on your condition. Aside from the health benefits, endorphins are good!)

What are the essentials in your makeup bag?

  • MAC!!! Studio Sculpt foundation, brow set in GirlBoy / Beguile
  • Eyeshadows in Ricepaper, Carbon and Soba
  • Nars blush in Deep Throat
  • MAC blush in Ripe Peach (limited edition though)
  • MAC lipstick in Cherish, Spirit and Hug Me ( I love nude lips)

What pole trick/spin and yoga asana do you love the most?
The Up-split.

My favorite pole trick as of the moment would be Butterfly and Up-Split – both tricks look very pretty. As for the yoga poses I’m very proud of my guillotine and rabbit. One day I hope to execute - brass monkey and extended butterfly (pole tricks) full camel, full cobra and scorpion (yoga asanas).

When your baby girl gets older, would you encourage that same active lifestyle on her that you have?

Definitely! I always wished I started earlier – would definitely encourage Riley to take up ballet or gymnastics.

Given a few years, Riley will be up and active joining her mom’s fabulous lifestyle. Kiara inspires me to make a very conscious effort to look good, anytime, everywhere, especially during my pangit days. When I become a mommy, I better look back to my interview on Kiara and hopefully, I get to be fabulous just like her! I can just hear her say, “Having no time is not an excuse.” And that puts me right on track!


Hannah said...

wow! ang galing ni Kiara.. super Kiara - reminds me of the name of super girl - "Kara" ... an inspiration to us all <3

Teeyah. said...

HOMAYGAD. Superwoman indeed!

PS: Enjoyed our talk last time at M Cafe :)

iamsutil said...

migawd, ang galing galing!