Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Easy Breezy Sweet Day With Cover Girl

When I got the invitation for another very intimate blogger’s event featuring Cover Girl’s newest lipstick, I just had to say yes. Not only am I a lippie fan but the event was held at Sweet Bella near Burgos Circle, which really is a hop, backflip, and roundoff from where I live. And so hop, backlip, and roundoff I did. Looks like the event called to me because it was such a pretty and sweet place with macarons on display. I love sweets!

I got there and was greeted by a number of familiar faces. Cover Girl makeup was displayed on the tables and so were pictures of Cover Girl celebrity endorser Drew Barrymore.

Now, I knew that we were there to be introduced with the lipstick but why the appearance of other makeup? Well, we’ll know in a bit.

Lipstick displays. So many colors to choose from!

Snacks were served shortly and after we (okay fine, I) filled ourselves to the brim with yummy food (pizza, pasta, and desserts!!!), we were tasked to do an icebreaker. We were paired and we were supposed to recreate Drew Barrymore’s Cover Girl Look.

I was paired with Martha, who I bonded immediately with both our love for honey-colored skin. I recreated the look on her (bonus with the hair), which was lined eyes in a basic brown color and bold red lips. Given the clue “lip perfection”, I realized the focus was supposed to be the lips, so I had to make sure that the lip shape was super defined with lipliner and lipstick.

Martha’s even game to channel up her inner Drew Barrymore. She’s super game, we won the challenge by the way!

Closer Look! Pretty!

The rest of the drew Barrymores Liz and Jamie with Martha.

Cover Girl Lip Perfection, the newest line of Cover Girl lipsticks is for those who want pigment without the dragging dryness. As we all know, super pigmented lipsticks are the most drying ones, and it sometimes cracks or seeps into lines, not really pretty. This lipstick as it turns out, gives us the best of both worlds by not only having super-pigmented formulations but giving our kissers extra TLC (skin care + makeup = sweet!)

Swatch of lipstick in Hot (above). Look how its consistency seems to glide on the skin smoothly with no falling into lines.

The secret ingredient to this is the Silk Therapy Complex, which sustains moisture levels on the lips to improve lip condition over time. Yay! So there's no need to apply lip balm before.

Cover Girl Lip Perfection’s quality also is made to be comparable with other luxury brand lipsticks. We were asked too to participate in another activity where we had to swatch three lipsticks on a piece of silk fabric. Two lipsticks would be famous branded ones and one would be Cover Girl, and we had to guess which is Cover Girl.

On the fabric, it was quite hard to tell which is which, pigment-wise. The first one, A drags as I swatched it, so definitely not cover girl. B and C glide like butter. However, B had a smell which was kinda off to my senses, sort of like waxy so definitely not Cover Girl. We were left with C, and here, we see another discovery of Cover Girl Lipperfection. It has vanilla musk, which makes the scent better than other lipsticks. I wasn’t able to smell the vanilla-ness though, but it was a relatively odorless lippie, which is really good.

One lipstick is Php395 and the lip liner (perfect to get really super shapely lips and this lip liner glides so easy it’s almost like a lipstick on its own) is Php 325. There are 22 shades to choose from, and that includes hot reds, bright pinks, corals, earthy browns, and rose and berry shades. If you’re wondering what shade we used that day, the shade is called Hot. It appears like an orange red on lips and since it’s super bold on its own, all I need is a strong liner, mascara, and brows and I’m off.
Jheng isn't much of a red lipstick user, but it wouldn't hurt to try. I told her she really looks good with it.

Me trying Hot, the lipstick we've been using. The staying power, I'm really impressed, for a cushy and creamy lipstick. This votes a plus plus for me to use in weddings, so I better stock up on the bridal colors when I can.

We all had a group picture where most of us tried on Hot.

Okay, since I love my readers and friends who do read my blog, I’ll give you a treat. All you have to do is print this webpage (but don't forget to include a shot fo the coupon) and get Php100 off for every Php1000 worth of Cover Girl products, including Cover Girl Lip Perfection products.

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