Thursday, August 25, 2011

Something made me happy today. You know what that was? A new milestone at pole class!

We were drilled at geminis today, and for pictorial purposes, my in-class attempt turned out first like this:

It looked kinda like an inverted skater or funny gemini-butterfly hybrid that I was holding for dear life here. It's an attempt to gemini, but here, I still needed to a) conquer my fear of letting go b) hook my right leg really tight on the pole (as you can see, I wasn't hooking well enough) and c) get my body coordinated for a prettier pose.

I thought this was as close as I could get to a real and pretty gemini until after much encouragement from teachers and classmates (I could hear my dear Grace as I got to an invert say "LET GO!!! LET GO!!!) I did it. Omigod, I did it!

That's how a pretty Gemini should look like, arched back, leg back (it makes you look longer), hook the leg up so tightly (see the difference from the picture before it?), and really conquer the fear.

What a fabulous way to end this day. Inspired, indeed.

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