Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Footwear for the Non-Trad Bride

Golds, silvers, ecrus, and teals move away.... this bride's footwear is bold red. I chose my bridal footwear months before D-Day so I could break them in months before so I won't trip or fall. I always wanted to wear red shoes when I got married because it's my favorite color and mandated it to be the motif and well, I didn't want to be like all brides were, because what's the fun in it right?

The search for the perfect shoe was harder than I expected. Although I have only one color in mind, I have to take note of the material. Most of the red evening shoes I saw were in satin or didn't speak rebel enough. The one that I wanted didn't go on sale at Zara and no way would I plunk Php4000+++ on a high-heeled shoe when I live on flats most of the time. When I visited People R People store last October though, I checked out their heels on sale and spotted a pair of peeptoe four-inch shoes in red. I checked out the price and knowing that it was down to Php799 from around Php1200, I bought it right away since it also had my size, which was a 9. I was sold immediately.

They weren't just red peeptoe stilettos. They were red SNAKESKIN peeptoe stilettos. They weren't dainty and snakeskin just spells rarrr. Of course, that's not a real snake that sacrificed its hide for the sake of fierce fasyon-ness but the print is just to purdy!!!!!

With heels as purdy as these, who could tell that I've got big feet? My feet are big and I'm glad the style of the shoes didn't make me look like Bigfoot's long-lost un-hairy niece.

Of course, high heels mean pain in a few hours, so I needed to somewhat alleviate the pain I'd be feeling. I know I'll be kicking them off for flats come reception time but from preps to picture taking to ceremony, I needed to still keep smiling somewhat while wearing them. Here's what I did to break in the bridal shoe:

1. Broke them in by walking around the house an hour or two a day in them wearing gym socks to give them a bit more room to try to get used to it.
2. Breaking them in could identify some trouble spots to know what measure to take while wearing them.
3. Following #2, I found that to finally be relatively more comfy in them are to buy cushions. I bought a pair of cushions for the sole and also on the heel to snug them well.
4. Try them out in certain occasions, like photoshoots or events. The gym socks does its job at home but the gym socks have got to go during D-day right?
5. Have fun and rock them when the day comes!

Expect to see these shoes in more events and shoots, at least until I slip into a pair of flats after. I love that they're still funky enough not to spell "wedding!" So I could still rock them in events or on occasions where there's a need to dress up. :)

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Chrissy said...

I love how you're doing a non-trad wedding, if I were to get married I would do the same. And I love the shoes! They are gorgeous. It was a good idea to break them in beforehand.