Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red Love Again

I have a reason to rake in more jobs, and this paper bag holds the reason why.

I've been amazingly good so it's time for a reward. I was at Serendra this afternoon since I inquired with a makeup school I've been eyeing on. While out, I wanted to relax a bit and grab a cupcake at Sonja's. Since it was still early, I thought of crossing over a bit to High Street and check out the shops. Lo and behold, There were shops on sale. I went in at Topshop through the sale rack of clothes and eyed on anything I would like then tripped over to La Senza for the undies on sale. I was teetering between what to buy when I told myself... Hey, I need a decent bag as I've been carrying the same bag for the past week since that's the only one that's decent enough especially to events. So I kinda feel bad about pestering the girls at La Senza that day, but a new bag was just about calling to me so I searched at Aldo for one (at the sale rack too, yes I'm cheap).

So anyhow, I had to buy a grownup bag, so I forgo-ed the pretty undies for this bag:
photo-op with my bridal shoes-turned-regular-shoes. They look good together!

Before anything else, please do not kill me heaven...I will justify and narrate why and how I got it. But before that, ease the wrath first with how purdy it looks. Loving the details and the color that it looks like a grownup expensive bag. But hey... note the price tag and the price slash:
The original price is way less than a bag Christine would classify as makasalanan so the price slash is really something. Then I forgot also that Aldo is a sister company of Bench, so I could earn points for my Lifestyle Card. Turns out not only could I earn the points, but I've reached already the Php200 off benchmark for me to use the points. I asked the guys on counter if I could use my points on a sale item and... THEY ALLOWED ME!!!! YEAAAAAA!!!!!!! So I paid a total of Php 1000 on an originally Php2395 bag. Not bad right?

I asked also how to care for my bag so this baby lasts me a long time. They told me that the bag is relatively low-maintenance. A feather duster should do the trick of nixing away dusts and should there be stains or skids, rub the nasty with a bit of Wipe Out (a wax-like substance they showed me that comes in a can that's being sold for like Php 48.00 at hardware stores) on a soft cloth.

I really want to buy like protective bag cases for my bags so they stay in good shape. Any idea where?


Anonymous said...

I love red!!!

Chrissy said...

Red is such a hot color, I love this bag! As for storage I'm not sure, but I think the best idea is to make sure you have a dehumidifier wherever you store it.