Thursday, February 17, 2011

Old-New Discovery: My Kryolan Lip Rouge Mini Palette

Most of my Kryolan makeup set are stuff I swear by for being long-lasting and highly pigmented that it withstands makeup meltdown or having the colors drowned amidst stage or studio lights. I took the Lip Rouge Mini Palette for granted though, since clients haven't heard of it or probably because it isn't mainstream. Sure, it was cute since it had a variety of colors available for me to use and since it was in palette form, it gives me more freedom to mix-and match.

The one I have with me now is the LC (I think it stands for Lipstick Classic?) combination, but they have various combos to suit your taste and personal style. Unfortunately, this had to stay at the back of my makeup malette for quite a while. It worked well for prosthetics and body makeup though, so it wasn't exactly unused. maybe that's why I wasn't much fond of it was that it didn't have the nice flavor or odor other lipsticks had. I didn't know how fantastic they are until a makeup artist pointed it out to me. She was surprised that my Kryolan lip palette still stays at the far end of the malette and they're hardly used. After using them, I began to be hooked as well.

The thing that I like about the colors are that they're so pigmented. They stay true to color on palette as they do on the human body. I bet if we accidentally "ate" the lipcolor off our lips and had an x-ray, we'd be having colored x-rays. Even the sheer colors were true as they are on the little pot.

My palette has a variety of shades from pink, red, coral, and nude. Since they are in palettes, this would be best applied with a lip brush for precise application. Lip brush with synthetic and stiff bristles, okay? Lip pencil is okay, if you want with a lot of precision. I really don't like colors bleeding so what I do is dip a (clean and sanitized) pointy paint palette knife (the one they sell at National Bookstore that has a diamond-shaped tip) that looks like the spatula for pizza, except a mini-version. I mix colors in a clean palette since I don't like my colors mixing in the palette that they all look muddy.

Even better, on the lips, they look amazing and stay true to whatever they are color. My favorite is the pink color, on the upper left corner. It looks great in beauty advertorials and even bridal works. It works well too with other makeup brands. I like mixing the nude peach color (upper center) with Viva Glam VI or Clinique Precious Pink for a really nice daytime bride color. The color isn't too brown but very rosy, a tamer version of the Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper lipstick. I like nude colors with dark smoky eyes. The deep red version is like a paint version of MAC's Diva.

Here are some of my works where I used my Kryolan lipstick colors:

Kate's sporting my favorite pink.

Rachel channels catwoman here hence the deep red wine lippie.

The only downside of this one is that it doesn't have that nice candy smell or flavor. It's simple and unscented and unflavored. They do however, look amazing on pictures and are user-friendly that even a non-makeup artist could use this. The mini-palette is great for those who change colors depending on their mood. If you have five or few favorites though, you could get a lip rouge palette in 6 colors or just the lipstick itself.

How about you? Did you have a recent discovery that you just absoltely loved that was just in the bag the whole time?

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