Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pristine White at the SAG Awards

White may not be one of my favorite clothing colors but at the Screen Actors' Guild Awards, it totally rocked on the red carpet for our ladies. White could be a crazy tricky color to wear, like what underwear to wear or we have to be extra careful with movements since a stain or smear definitely could show through but for these ladies, white was their choice, whatever it may happen.
picture from socialitelife.com

Amy Adams' Herve Leroux number turned my head from the computer screen to the TV screen. She just looks so clean and regal with her hair slicked back into a high ponytail and simple fuss-free makeup. The dress hugs her in the right places who would have thought that she's already a mommy.

Speaking of mommies, maternity was no excuse for mom-to-be Natalie Portman, who was also awarded the Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Lead Role for her role in Black Swan.

picture from hollywoodreporter.com

As Amy's was a warm white, Natalie goes for the pure pristine white that's loose enough to accommodate her growing belly but still flatters her figure and flaunts her assets. The strapless gown flaunts her toned shoulders and arms, a result of her intense training to get her toned ballerina arms and condition her body for the role. She just looked so pretty and glowing.

Special mention is another white gown that turned heads was Eva Longoria's. It isn't exactly all-white since it had a mix of taupe in it, but nevertheless it was hawt!
image from cocoperez.com

I gotta give points to Eva for rocking a very sexy dress. In some situations, dresses cut like this could raise eyebrows to the conservative few, but Eva makes it look so elegant I'd actually consider wearing a dress cut like this to a wedding if it looks good on me that way. Eva's actually very petite, but she shows that petite girls still look amazing in a floor-length dress, just know the cut and style for you.

I especially like their makeup looks, which were kept simple with a touch of liner for subtle smoke and drama and a kiss of gloss for shine. I like how they chose to wear their hair up as well, since it looks so much more elegant and neater for this kind of outfit. Natalie's and Eva's hair would look good on a bride. The loose handcombed updo of Eva could widen a narrow forehead or it could give a youthful, carefree look for a summer bride who would want to avoid humidity hair. Amy's slick-back hair draws attention to the neck and could make way for a more dramatic eye, should you wish for more smoke and rar.

Nevertheless, these ladies knew how to rock white. :)

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