Friday, February 11, 2011

Brides, This Is For You

For those who are still planning their weddings, this could help if you still have suppliers you would like to get. Got nothing to do tomorrow? Then hop over at The Grove from 10 AM to 7 PM.

I've been to one bridal fair in all my life. At first, it was just to get a quote and meet with the florist (recommended and accredited by our venue) but it was good chance that I shed my "supplier" aura for a few minutes and see what's in there. What do you know? We found our gem of a cake supplier, Joy San Gabriel right there so who knows if you meet your florist or fall in love with a spectacular venue there? What's great about it are not only do you get to meet these suppliers in the flesh and check their works, these are selected suppliers so you're assured that each supplier is a good one. This also means that this intimate setting wouldn't overwhelm you with a lot of suppliers that you wouldn't know which to choose or you'd go home with a reamful of flyers.

The Grove by Rockwell partners with Power Weddings and Metro Weddings for this event. Couples could pre-register online at or contact Jiro Bengzon at


Anonymous said...

Is it free?

Bambi said...

i don't know for those who registered but if there may be an entrance fee im sure it's minimal