Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bohol Adventure Day 3

Suntan, suntan, and suntan. It was definitely time to enjoy the beach. Amorita Resort lies along Alona Beach, aptly and unofficially named after a movie star in the 60's named Alona Alegre where she was spotted taking a dip in the said beach while she was filming a movie at the location. Pretty soon people were saying that they want to swim in the beach where Alona swam, then by habit, the name of the beach became Alona Beach.

Powdery sand and turquoise sea I'm here to bond with you!!!! Remember the sand I told you that was fine it resembles a milky substance when rubbed on the skin? Here, I'll show you a handful while I was baking myself:

The sand on the shoreline is a bit rocky so I suggest to wade along till you feel the silkier sand on the feet, but less silty and stay away from vegetation or vagabond sea urchins or starfish. The water's a lot better in the afternoon when it's heated up a bit but the cool water is perfect contrast with the hot sun.
And speaking of cool water, remember the plunge pool from the first post? I am so loving it now as it cooled my skin from all that tanning. Cold yes, but it feels really great.

Internally, a glass of water with a slice of lemon is just as refreshing.

Back to the ocean, I took some pictures by the cliffside. This shot was taken during high tide but on low tide, you could walk by the rocks and all.

High tide? time to stretch

Or make pebbles bounce half-submerged

A random shot of a little toddler getting curious with all the kelps and throwing them.

With all the pebble throwing and all that baking and taking videos and pictures, I didn't realize I was already reddening up. My goal by the end of the trip was to be at least NC43. I ended up being Russian Red instead.

Thankfully, it faded into a nice golden NC45 the day after. I plan to maintain this color. I really like being tanned than pasty white. Hey, just to know I did use sunscreen that day. :)

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