Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Hours To Subic For a Prenup

Christine, Aisa, Mich and I unite again for another project last week. Got to posting this now since Christine and I were working on a catalog shoot this week and I grab pictures from Aisa since I didn't bring my camera that day. Where was the location for our shoot... travel Northbound and Stations of the Cross of tollgates to the lovely place of Subic.

I was at Subic a few months ago for a print ad shoot, which I have yet to blog about but at that time, it was the crack of dawn while travelling. Since I live at a business district, Christine told me she would pick me up at Shell McKinley at 6 am. There was horrible dawn traffic at SLEX so as soon as Christine saw my shadow, I hopped in her car and zoomed EDSA to NLEX only stopping to grab food at KFC NLEX while speeding to Subic i
n 140 kph.

We met up Aisa and Mich at Subic. They were already with our clients, Eds and Jeff. We'd be doing a prenup shoot since they're getting married in a few weeks. Since we're masters of improv, without the presence of a studio and shooting on location, here's what we used to improvise a studio and dressing room:

Converted a little table in Starbucks to a make-up station. while the trunks of Christine's and Jeff's cars were used as storages.

That's us taking directions from Christine as she lays out the storyboard... or that's what the picture says.

Touching up on Eds' strays and smears. The heat was beating literally on my back I had to shield my hair and my eyes too.

Awwww layout pre the pre-sunset, because come sunset we were at the last location, an old-school type of fair. I'm glad the guard allowed us to use their location and promise, it worked! He was even nice enough to take our group picture. All of these pictures are from Aisa's blog post.

Fun day! Great job you guys!

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