Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Hauls

I don't like the storm and I really wish we had happy showers instead of what we're having outside. I'm praying hard that it remains signal number 1 at least and Juan would exit our country quietly and quickly.

Anyway, just sharing a few hauls I got this week.

I bought a book! It was the only copy left though, an open one, so it probably was subject to lots of scannings, but it's okay. I cover my books in plastic anyway.

This book is a compilation of beauty tips that's not just limited to makeup. It's more of makeup for personal application instead of a pro approach but at least it's a great source when I'll be blogging or doing some easy and light makeup. It also gives a lowdown on easy hair tutorials like how to blow-dry or get the vavavoom Cosmo big hair.

Hands, nails, and feet are not left behind. :-)

Look good and feel good too with spa tips and recipes from Morocco, Brazil, and Japan just to name a few. I like how this book encourages anyone to be sexy and look sexy - and love being that. Another thing I love? It's so handy it fits my purse. I could bring it out to read whenever I'm waiting for someone.

I visited Sophie at the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar yesterday and bought some Clutterzap babies. She spoiled me with two pretty gifts. :)

She knows how much I love that tiny crease brush from my review and she's encouraging me to use a concealer brush. This brush, I could use too for paint pots. It's like a MAC 195 except the handle's a pretty cotton candy peeenk!

My mom and dad went to 168 a while ago and I asked if they could get me a box of lashes since I'm running out of the photoshoot natural variety.

And what does this bag hold? Yiiii!!! Tadatadantadaaannn!!!!!!!!!!

I finally purchased an airbrush kit, something which I've been lemming for for like... hey a year! Of course I would buy from Glambox (that's the deluxe kit right there) because it's easy to use and it's lightweight. It's so user friendly as well. I mean, I have ZILCH airbrush training but I was still able to use it quite well. I texted Val yesterday asking if she's in Rockwell. She said she wasn't but there are kits at LayBare in Filmore so I dropped by Filmore on my way to Rockwell. So now, I'm subjecting myself to studying this baby. Finally, I have an airbrush compressor already! Of course this won't be my last airbrush compressor since I'll be needing a bigger one when I go to heavy bodypainting.

Looking at this picture cheers me up a bit, and my little corner here is a bit sunny despite being gloomy outside. Stay happy everyone. Let's all pray we get through the storm!

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