Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My SlimTone Pro Therapeutic Cream Day 1

Who doesn't want the baby-smooth, firm skin we see in photos right? In glossies and billboards, we see ripped and toned abdomens and firm arms and thighs. In real life, however, there are dimples, flabs, and the occasional stretch marks as the body bounces back to shape. Creams and gels have been available in the market to diminish all these uglies and I bet one of us is guilty trying a few in hopes of getting that billboard-worthy look.

As of today, I'm currently subjecting myself to the test to a new cream that claims to diminish visible cellulite and fat, improve skin firmness, and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Hence, I meet SlimTone Pro, which would be my after-shower treatment in the following weeks in my own attempt to firm and tone.

SlimTone Pro, for one thing is topical. I don't take anything internally. I just apply the cream on my problem spots and see the results. This topical cream however, promises to get this - INSTANTLY FIRM and TIGHTEN the skin, just like wearing a girdle. Its promise of Total Sculpting Therapy does the following things we dream of: slimming, toning, cellulite diminishing, skin tightening, and stretch mark minimizing. Yay.

My take on this would be part-by-part first, so we all could see its effects in detail and in progress. Okay, so many of you guys might wonder, "Ikaw? Eh payat ka na eh!" I may not have a pouch on my tummy or batwing arms but I do have a few nasty cellulites and stretch marks that curses me on my hip and butt area. The stretch marks on my hamstring and bun areas were attributed to weight loss and taking my skin for granted in my younger days. The cellulite's a mystery though how they got to be there, but are there. If they're residual cellulite and have established the backs of my thighs as their area, I don't know, but they have to go. During my period, they tend to be more pronounced for some weird curse or something. Hopefully, SlimT0ne pro, coupled by my very intense exercises will finally blast these nasties to oblivion and nonexistence, or at least, diminish their appearance.

And so it begins, Day 1 of my SlimTone experience.

First of all, this is how it looks like... It's an ordinary tube of lotion, just like the ones we buy in the supermarket. This contains 60 g of the product.

So after my shower, I toweled off and when my clean skin was dry, I applied a moderate amount on my horrible problem areas - the thighs and butt focusing more where the horrid stretch marks lie. The first thing I noticed wih the cream was that it smells like lemon. Fresh! It also feels cool on the skin, unlike some lotions which make my skin feel warm. It's actually more gel than cream and it sorta reminds me of a lighter version of the gel they use during an ultrasound, except this isn't too thick and it doesn't leave a filmy residue.

I also massaged this on my abdomen and waist areas, in hopes of preventing stretch marks there in case they occur (chanting "I banish you stretch marks" may help, hopefully, but that's just me being crazy).

First impression was: My skin felt colder. Not really cold, clammy, and uh-oh-what's-wrong cold but my skin temperature on the areas applied were relatively cooler than those that were left untreated (my "control" parts). During a hot summer day, this could definitely be a good treat. Don't worry though, the feeling fades in a bit. In my case, I didn't feel itching like I do with other topical slimming treatments that say that this means they "wake up" the fat. Also, the cream didn't feel sticky on my skin. I do advise, however, to wait until the cream is fully absorbed by the skin before putting on any item of clothing or any lotion after and to make sure the skin is completely dry before using.

So how was it after? I felt a sort of "lift" and "pull on my skin, but not too much that everything's all -er-perkier. The area of my stretch marks felt relatively smoother and although that I'm modest about not posting pictures of my thigh area here, I could feel a bit more firmness. I could use this in shoots when I need a bit more of sculpting and toning when I feel the flabs coming. The visible cellulites too were diminished on the backs of my thighs. They do appear though if I start pinching and poking, but it's very minimal as compared to when skin was bare.

Basically, that's what the instant effect had on me. I'll keep you posted after a week of use of this product. If I get to have thighs devoid of cellulites, then I'll be one happy butty.

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